1-2-1 Training & Private groups

1-2-1 Training

1-2-1 Training

1-2-1 training enable us to examine your weaknesses, strengths, limiters and boundaries and tailor the class to your precise needs.

1-2-1 training is suitable for those of you whom:

  • Have a preference for a private sessions;
  • Are returning to fitness;
  • Rehabilitating from an injury;
  • And if you need to focus on specific aspects and/or skills to your fitness, training or racing.

2-2-1 & ?-2-1 – Why not train with a friend(s)or colleagues and split the cost of your training.

Private Groups

Private Groups

Schedule a private group for your your friends, colleagues or team. Whether you have a specific goal, target, race or team building exercise we can tailor a class, workshop or group session. The duration can be from 90 minutes to 4  hours or even a full day or weekend with camping.

Booking Enquiry Form

Please complete the following 1-2-1/Private Group BOOKING ENQUIRY FORM and we will email you within 2 working days where possible.

Your Details:

1-2-1 Training

Days of the week:



I live and work in:

What is your goal?

Private Group

How many people in your group?

What dates are you interested in booking?

What duration is your ideal group session?

Are you a team, group of friends/colleagues?

What is the purpose for the group session?

How did you hear about Wild Forest Gym?


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2 thoughts on “1-2-1 Training & Private groups

  1. Hi
    I want to book possibly a one of class for my other half is that possible at all?
    1 hour on a week day.

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