1-day Functional Natural Movement Experience Workshop – Level 1

natural movement exercisesThis is your opportunity to spend 7 hours learning the basics to Wild Forest Gym’s 10 fundamental ‘functional natural movement’ elements – crawl, walk, run, jump, climb, throw, catch, lift, carry and balance.

These 10 fundamental elements will give you an insight into how you can develop your body to its full potential when it comes to natural movement skills of: balancing, standing, bending, leaning, climbing, sitting, pulling, jumping, falling, lifting, twisting, crawling and carrying.

On this intensive 1-day Experience Workshop as well as learning the basics to the 10 fundamental elements your workshop will including how to:

  • Create progressive workout training sessions including: strength endurance, speed, dynamic movements and agility.
  • Develop the 5 components of fitness – endurance, strength, speed, flexibility and coordination.
  • Enhance physical attributes flexibility, balance, co-ordination, agility, confidence, self esteem, adaptability, positivity and coping mechanisms.
  • Transpose these physical attributes on a mind and emotional level i.e. mental flexibility, emotional balance, intellectual agility etc.
  • Use the natural elements in the forest to physically train your body and your mind.
  • Create your own forest gym workouts in your own forest.
  • Connect with yourself and nature and develop your keys senses of touch, smell, sight, hearing and taste.

2013 1-day Experience Workshop

Early Bird DISCOUNT- Book 30 days in advance and SAVE £26. Reduced from £125 to £99

Date Location Availability Early Bird Price £99
Normal Price £125
Swinley Forest, Bracknell Good
16/02/13 Epping Forest, Essex Good
23/02/13 Ruislip Woods, Middlesex Good
Swinley Forest, Bracknell Good
16/03/13 Epping Forest, Essex Good
23/03/13 Ruislip Woods, Middlesex Good
Swinley Forest, Bracknell Good
20/04/13 Epping Forest, Essex Good
27/04/13 Ruislip Woods, Middlesex Good

Future Dates to be released soon

All workshops start promptly at 9am and finish at 4pm.

You will receive workshop kit details with your booking confirmation.

You will need to bring your own packed.


What is Wild Forest Gym?

Wild Forest Gym formula.

2-day Experience Workshop – Immerse yourself in 30 hours training & sleeping wild in the forests.

Our forests

ruislip woods

We will be holding the 1-day Functional Natural Movement Experience Workshops at our forests and woodlands in:


6 thoughts on “1-day Functional Natural Movement Experience Workshop – Level 1

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    • Hi Dai

      Yes, it is quite primal in the way that we develop functional natural movement techniques. But the new age aspect doesn’t come into it all. There’s no mumbo jumbo. Just straight talk. Our aim is technique high quality technique and in particular with your endeavours to develop your barefoot running and walking techniques by getting out in the natural environment of the forest enables you to work on varied terrain. It trains the mind as well as the physical body in regard to be able to toughen, strengthen and increase the dexterity.

      Both the group classes and the 1 & 2 day workshops will take you through the fundamentals of climbing, balancing, jumping, crawling, lifting, carrying, throwing, catching and barefoot running/walking. Only one way to find out and that is to book your FREE Trial Session.

      Looking forward to training with you.

    • Hi Jenni

      The cost of 1 day workshops can be found In the payment section above. £99 if booked 30 days in advance or otherwise £125.

      Looking forward to training with you.


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