The twisted tree mullered my arms!

tree climbingIt had been raining last night so I knew that I would need to take it a little easy on the trees. After my hill climb on the bike to my ‘Forest Gym’ I found myself at the twisted trees to do some tree climbing. The vertical and angled trunks weren’t too bad whereas the horizontal ones were quite slippery. I heeded caution with my footing, as it would be easy to slide in certain places, whereas others were ok.

However, what I found was that I ended up using more strength than technique as it was slippery, in particular with my arms. By the time I had manoeuvred around the dozen or so branches my arms were mullered!

I took my shoes off at the end of my cycle as all my forest work is barefoot. It is amazing what you can feel. Particularly in the trees I can feel every nerve ending as it meets the branches and trunks. I feel the grip, I can similarly wrap my foot and toes around the trunk and branches which gives me a far more natural and dynamic footing.

Anyway my arms need a rest. So a long stretch of bear crawl exercise along a trail to the main corridor in the forest where I do most of my training. Once I got to it, I decided to practice frog jump exercises to get me to my pull up tree where I practice leg raise exercises whilst hanging from a branch. To make sure that the abs get a good workout it is good to try and raise your feet up to the branch.  Able to do an extra rep today!

Next onto the Moving lizard crawl exercise, this is a great exercise for the opening the groin. Simply a low crawl with a straight body alignment, which when you crawl forward you bring your  knee as close to your armpit. I crawl about 100 meters to to the bridge. It is really important to watch your centre of balance so that it doesn’t put too much demand on your arms and it really gets the heart pumping.

fallen tree for balancing exerciseOnto the edge of the bridge. Its only 1″ wide about 9 – 10 meters long so great for a beam balancing exercise. It’s quite testing being so narrow and wet to get all the way across it. Very testing!

Off the beam and down into wide leg squats  whilst hold a log. Great for balance and explosive force.

Nearly at the end of the session. Needed to do some double foot jump exercises. Lastly short crawl balance on the wide fallen tree trunk. Had to be cautious because of the damp wood. It really makes you think twice particularly on the way back down. Back on my bike for a 3 mile cycle back home. Nice downhill run!

Image 2 Albert Bridge

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