Can crawling like a bear benefit the way you think?

crawl underToday’s Wild Forest Gym Training Session included the following fundamental movements: climbing, barefoot running, crawling, jumping and carrying (fuller details below).

The main focus was crawling on all fours through the woodland undergrowth. It included bear crawls (left hand synchronized with right foot) and Ipso crawls (left hand is synchronized with left foot).

When crawling through the undergrowth you have to adapt, adjust, crawl around, under and over branches and obstacles.

But is there more to it?

Yes there is.

You see, what I have just described was a really good physical workout, particularity as I also included hill climbs where you come down hands first! All the time having to adjust physically adapt to the environment. This is just one aspect to Wild Forest Gym. The other is the mind. If you can adapt and negotiate around on a physical level, then, you start to learn to adapt on an emotional and psychological level.

Just think about all the instances in your day when you are at home or at work, when you are mentally challenged to adapt, adjust, manoeuvre your emotions, thoughts, or overcome challenging obstacles. These are the challenges that you and everyone experiences.

ipso crawlAt Wild Forest Gym, our philosophy is is that the more crawling and the physical obstacles you manoeuvre and adapt to, then the  more neurons will start firing in your brain, that are connected between the physical and mind. Over time the firing will enhance your adaptability on all levels – physical, emotional, psychological and intellectual.

Just moving back to the physical benefits they include the deltoids, core abdominals, lower and upper legs.

Here are some key points if you want to have a go.

  1. Keep your knees as low as possible
  2. Nice straight alignment with the spine.
  3. Keep your hips right down so they are below your shoulders.
  4. Move your shoulders forward so your centre of  balance is forward rather than on the legs or in the middle.  This allows gravity to work with you as your body falls forward.
  5. Allow a bit of bounce in your arms and legs, then they can act as your suspension.

Today full workout included:

Hanging leg lift

Barefoot running technique

Bear Crawl

Ipso Crawl

Tree climbing

Stationary double footed jump up

Sticky foot jump landing

Shoulder carry with long log

DISCLAIMER: R4C Health Solutions limited t/a Wild Forest Gym are not responsible for an injury, accident or death if you choose to use the descriptions or instructions on any technique described herein.  Some techniques and exercises on this website are advanced and could lead to an accident, serious injury or even death if you do these exercises without coach supervision.  Never train beyond your means.  Some techniques are dangerous in their own right others are very strenuous. Always seek medical advice and speak to a coach. If you experience any pain or discomfort then stop, check the key points otherwise stop and seek advice.

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