Functional Movement vs Natural Movement

kettlebellFunctional Movement is becoming an intrinsic aspect to most training regimes and disciplines. The important aspect to Functional Movements are that movements mimics the biomechanics that we use in day-to-day tasks or sports disciplines.

Functional Movements will incorporate such movements as: Dead lift with a kettlebell; Deep squats; Turkish Get up exercise with kettlebell and quadrupedal movements such as the Bear crawl. Each of these movements are purposeful, however are taught in such away, that they are sterile and repetitive.

In the case of lifting movements each lift is about precision, getting the range of movement to be precise and effective, time after time. In the case of bear crawls you can crawl across the floor around and around again gaining good core abdominal and deltoid strength. But that is where the limitations come into play.

Natural Movement is different in every way possible. Yes we may do the same range of movements, plus many more, but that is it when the similarity ends. You see every movement or repetition in the forest is determined by:

  1. The terrain having an uneven surface may it be mud, stones, leaves and roots.
  2. The uneven shape of the object such as logs and stones.
  3. The centre of balance being different on every object becuase they are not symmetrical.
  4. The hand grip is different every time you catch, lift, throw, push or pull an object such as a stone, log or branch.
  5. The weather being cold, damp, slippery, wet, icy or muddy.

rock liftIn all of the above cases it means that no two training sessions, let alone set or repetition can be duplicated for the above regions. This puts demands on you mentally, physically, energetically, intellectually and spiritually.

If every dead-lift of a log is individual not only does it train you in all of these ways it develops the muscles and neurological system in such a way that your dexterity, strength, power, flexibility, agility and accuracy develops to a more heightened level.

Therefore, when you are running your muddy trail run; challenged by the next obstacle on your Spartan Race; or simply go to lift your bike onto your roof rack your body is trained to physically adapt to the needs of the situation when it comes to dealing with the unknown or unknowable needs of the situation that you are confronted with in your normal day or sporting discipline.

Wild Forest Gym is Functional Natural Movement, a fusion of ‘Functional Movement’ and ‘Natural Movement’.

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