Take your general fitness onto new levels

general fitnessWild Forest Gym’s outdoor fitness is suitable for you if you are a beginner looking to develop your fitness levels, and for you if you are a more seasoned trainer looking to move your general fitness onto new levels.

The great thing about our outdoor fitness training program is that it is progressive training i.e. each session will move you forward. Unlike other training gyms no two sessions are the same. So each session will push, test you and reward you!

Developing your fitness levels

Functional Natural Movement Outdoor Fitness, will help you to develop your core abdominal strength. This is the fundamental skills that we emphasize when you are looking to develop your fitness levels. If you want a six pack or even an eight pack then you will get it. If however you are quite happy just to tone your tummy, then that is what you will at least do, and probably more. All without even doing one crunch or sit up!

We include dynamic movement training, that incorporates combined movement exercises as well as that of running, to develop your body’s energy systems.

natural movement exercisesIn addition you will develop the following attributes to your fitness: balance, co-ordination, agility, strength, power, posture alignment, endurance, dynamic movement, flexibility, mobility, accuracy and core strength.

human brainFitness of the mind

When it comes to natural movement and functional movement techniques you start to appreciate that everything has a purpose, everything is connected. The more we train you physically with every lift, throw, catch, carry, crawl, jump, climb, run and balance the more it will train your mind. It trains you mentally, psychologically, emotionally, energetically and spiritually.

You see your ability to cope with day to day issues can be determined by how robust you are, and how adaptable your mind is. What we are talking about is increasing your core attributes and skills in all aspect of your life: flexibility, balance, co-ordination, agility, confidence, self esteem, adaptability, positivity and coping mechanisms…read more.

You and your co-warriors

You will be paired with a co-warrior of a similar ability. Therefore you will not feel out their on your own. Of course the first few sessions will be more challenging, but that’s the point of training, to get you stronger, faster and fitter. We guarantee that only after a few sessions it will be other newbies who will be worrying about this and NOT YOU.

Wild Forest Gym’s outdoor fitness will develop you as an individual however, that is not all! With our ‘co-operative training‘ you will also learn to work as a team.

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