Are you mad enough to volunteer to FILM Tough Guy 2013?

tough guy 2013

If you haven’t already read my next challenge is Tough Guy 2013 obstacle course challenge on 27 January. In the dead of the winter it is going to test every bit of metal in me. It is going to be tough…cold, cold and cold getting in and out of the fridgid water. The 16k of obstacles is the least of my worry!

So it is cold weather training at the moment in shorts and t-shirts and cold cold showers!

I need a film volunteer who is as equally insane to film me at Tough Guy 2013.

Up for the challenge? If do email your details at

Anyone else training for Tough Guy 2013 or similar obstacle course challenge events if so let me know how your training is coming on!

Here’ s a sneak preview of what to expect.

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