The ice gripper ghost runner

Yaktrax Pro Ice GrippersIt was -3° last night with a feel like temperature of  -8 ° according to the Met Office and I was out running in the snow.

This was perfect weather for cold weather training for my up and coming Tough Guy 2013. I went up onto my local snow covered grass slopes and did a set of hill climbs on the well trodden sledge run that the kids had been perfecting all day.

Today I got the opportunity to test my new Christmas present from my son Ross. My Yaktrax Pro Ice Grippers that attach to my shoes. They were absolutely brilliant. Especially on the road in the snow and on compacted ice on route to the hills. Even on the embeded ice on the sledge runs not once did I slip. In the past in my trainers or climbing boots I would have been flat on my face.


  • SkidLock coil design provides 360 degrees of traction on packed snow and ice
  • Easily conforms to the shape of your boot or shoe
  • Easy to put on and take off & ideal for men or women
  • Ultra light & spikeless
  • For use on ice and packed snow only.
  • Compact – can be kept in a coat pocket when not being worn

I cannot recommend them more. The snow is here to stay for a while so I highly recommend you get out and buy some. They are available on the Wild Forest Gym Store of Essentials.

The Ghost Runner

Here is a genuine photo of me running yesterday. I couldn’t have done a better job with photoshop. It’s really eerie the way the flash created the ghost affect!

ghost runner

Enjoy the snow and have a good safe run.

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