Alexandra’s Training Session for Tough Mudder

Tough Mudder TrainingI’ve been trail running for many years, on sand, mud, wet grass and even in water just below my knees so I thought Tough Mudder would be the thing for me and that I just need some really tough or boot camp training in the gym or in my back yard and a lot of off road running.

Well I still think Tough Mudder is a thing for me, but what I was calling mud is now just earth or simple dirt with a bit of water in it. The word “mud” has a different meaning for me after the Tough Mudder training Session with Michael Cohen. I got the “taste” of real mud training.

There’s this trail in the forest where the mud covers half of my legs in 2 or 3 places. That’s where I ran back and forth a few times, or rather I tried to run while my feet were swallowed by the mud soup. Fighting to get my feet out and continue running I lost a shoe and I had to fish for it to recover it and then put it back on my foot over a sock with an interesting mud pattern.

As I said I run a lot, my record is 3h 35 min for 44 km, so a marathon, and so many other exercises but after a few runs in this deep mud along with other exercises my muscles were burning and I need a whole day to recover. My muscles worked in a different way. Imagine that when the mud reached over your ankles you have to raise your leg higher than when you run on any other terrain, you are forced to pull that mud, your water and mud filled shoes and, if you have trousers and not shorts, you have to carry them as well full of mud and water and let’s not forget the socks again filled with everything.

And every time I ran through the same puddles the deeper my feet would sink and the more difficult it was to get them out, until I left my shoe in it as I have already mentioned. So now I can imagine how it will feel at Tough Mudder after hundreds of people before you make the mud deeper and deeper. I tell you what, when you feel the earth running from under your feet it’s a whole different story.

2 thoughts on “Alexandra’s Training Session for Tough Mudder

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