NEWS UPDATE – We are Official Certified Coaches for SPARTAN RACE

Sparatan Race Certified Coach

Yes you heard it right from the horses mouth. We have been appointed Official Certified Coaches for Spartan Race.

We put Race Director for Spartan Race UK & Canada, Dean Newman through the paces of Wild Forest Gym ‘Functional Natural Movement’ training for Obstacle Course Racing, and he just knew that what we had to offer was optimal training for Spartan Race Contenders. It must have been the wading through the murky waters that clinched it!

Spartan Race will have in excess of 30,000 contenders in the UK for the 2013 series of races.

Wild Forest Gym are exclusively providing Spartan Race Training Days to get you race ready and fit for your event.

We are going to make sure that every contender is ‘Race Fit’, ‘Race Ready’ and ‘Race Safe’ to go!

Spartan Group Training Spartan Race Group training sessions for beginners, seasoned and elite contenders.
Spartan Race Training Venues Spartan Race Outdoor Training in Forest. Venues in – London, South East England, Central England
Spartan Functional Natural Movement Training Spartan Race ‘Functional Natural Movements. Learn to climb, jump, throw, lift, balance, crawl, carry, catch and run…read more.

Spartan Race Safety Training Spartan Race Safety – Learn how to roll, fall and land safely and confidently.
Spartan Race Obstacle Course Training Spartan Race dedicated training for the unknown and unknowable aspects to obstacle course training.
Spartan Race Mud Training Spartan Race mud training. 100% mud until it is your best friend! 
 Spartan Race Water Wading Spartan Race water wading & acclimatising training. Boy you will need it for race day!
 Spartan Race All Weather Training Spartan Race all-weather training in the cold, rain, snow, ice and heat. We will have you ready for all eventualities!

More details to be announced shortly!

Register now for Spartan Race Training!

Registration is FREE for Spartan Race contenders.

All registrations will be entered into a free draw to WIN a pair of FREE tickets to our next training day. To win all you have to do is complete the registration and share this post on your Facebook page.


Do let us know what areas you live and work in, so we can locate the closest training venue for you.

How did you hear about Wild Forest Gym Spartan Race Training?

Which Spartan Race have you entered?


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*In order to qualify for the draw all entrants must have shared this post on their facebook account. Only 1 entry per person. Each winner will receive 1 pair of tickets worth £30 each. All participants must be over 18 years-old. We reserve the right to refuse participation if details on your PAR-Q Form suggest that their is a risk or possible risk to your health. R4C Health Solutions Limited have the right to refuse participation for any reason without having to disclose its decision. The prize can not be exchanged for a cash value. Prizes can be used as additional tickets but cannot be exchanged for existing tickets bought.

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