WOD Tuesday 04.06.13

workout of the day WOD

The key is to keep company only with people who uplift you, whose presence calls forth your best.
— Epictetus

1-hour Group Ruck March

Also known as a ‘forced march’ or a ‘hump’, a ruck march is a fast hike/run over rugged terrain with 20-50 lbs of gear. A staple of the armed forces, this workout will hone the brute strength, endurance, and mental tenacity that you to finish whatever you start.

Cultivate your team by working as a unit to transport large objects that are awkward to carry, and will force group communication and teamwork.

Be sure to warm-up and cool down as a group.

WOD Intensity Scores

Strength Endurance Speed
Strength: 4 Endurance: 4 Speed: 2

*1 = least intense, 5 = most intense

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Why Spartan Race WOD?

Because they are committed. Because they are hungry not to just show up and get through a Spartan Race, but they are hungry to show up and dominate the clock with a peak performance. Spartan Race is here to help you achieve your fitness goals.

As always, take the WOD as a general outline to best meet your current fitness and goals. We can’t dial into every Spartan’s workout schedule. Use these suggested WOD’s as a starting point to develop your own Spartan training regiment.

Please, always consult a medical professional before beginning or performing any of these workouts.

Please comment or ask a question below.

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