Thomas Blanc’s Race Reviews

My goal was to show Spartan Race that I am ready for whatever they have to throw at me and even more. Bring it on!

Thomas Blanc elite obstacle racer and Spartan Cahmp with coach and manager Michael Cohen

Thomas Blanc elite obstacle racer and Spartan champ with coach and manager Michael Cohen of TEAM Wild Forest Gym OCR Racing Team & Head Coach at Spartan Race Training UK

Spartan Race Midlands Sprint

We had always planned that depending on how Thomas recovered overnight from the Spartan Race Midlands Super, would determine if he was to enter the Spartan Race Midlands Sprint on Sunday morning. Thomas as always awoke refreshed and raring to go. The new and tweaked course was to be a challenge of some of the finest OCR’rs. This time they had a double brick long carry. Bigger barbed wire runs and huge tyres to shift.

In a flash Thomas won the Sprint to worthy runners up Ross Phelan and Markus Pieterse.

Spartan Race Midlands Super

Super In the Spartan Super Thomas was challenged by elite OCR’rs and elite runners. But they couldn’t reign him in. Thomas finished with a 02:10 minute lead on runners up Ross Phelan and John Denovan. Even elite runner Sebastian Palmer was 4 minutes behind after being penalised for failing to do 2 sets of burpees for not completing 2 obstacles. For the 2nd lap each racer had to carry a brick for 7k. It was testing in every way, but it didn’t beat him. He adapted and carried it though and now it sits alongside his trophies.

Spartan Race Edinburgh Sprint

Sunday 15 September the heavens opened and the gales blew and blew but it din’t stop Thomas from winning his 4th Sprint race in 4 weeks. This sprint was 5.9k and Thomas came in at around 28mins (final times still to be published). For the first half of the race Ross Phelan was on his tail. From about 2k Thomas was able to create a gap which led him coming home 40 seconds ahead. The Scottish weather couldn’t beat him and neither could Spartan once again. AThere was no problem with obstacles.

Thomas Blanc Spartan Race Edinburgh SprintSpartan Race Yorkshire Sprint

Sunday 8 September was a total mud bath. The technical terrain tested every competitor but it didn’t break Thomas. Spartan Race team tried their best to break him with the 3rd race of the season, but they couldn’t. This hilly technical course was set amongst tank runs on hardcore MOD land.

Thomas says “Best race so far in terms of sensations whilst running. I felt faster than ever. I chose to race my race without focusing on other runners. This time it was me against the course. The course was superb. My goal was to show Spartan Race that I am ready for whatever they have to throw at me and even more. I can’t wait for next weeks race. Bring it on!”

Spartan Race Cambridge Sprint

On Sunday 1 September Thomas took up the challenge of the Spartan Race Cambridge Sprint. The Cambridge Sprint was similarly billed at 5k but was 7.5k of race flats. This race was targeted at the sprinters and 10k runners. With 25 obstacles once again, we new this was going to be a real sprint.

And fast it was, it was a real sprinters race. Thomas was raring to go to prove he wasn’t just a one race wonder. And what a way to do it by taking on the sprinters and coming through with a second victory at 37 minutes. Although the race at Carver Barracks was flat it definitely wasn’t a smooth track. It was the complete opposite. The wild and thistle covered grasslands were dangerous and threatening, testing every step of the way. It was a test of agility and orienteering to make sure that you were not going to be taken out. Thomas bagged it to take the double. A true thoroughbred athlete Thomas is taking the UK OCR scene by a storm!

Spartan Race London Sprint 2013

On Sunday 25th August, Elite Obstacle Racer Thomas Blanc showed the UK OCR circuit that he is the champ by taking on one of the hardest, endurance obstacle races in the UK at the Spartan Race London Sprint in Pippingford Park, East Sussex.

Taking on this most awesome race course terrain it tested every bone in every racer for its hill, its ruggedness, rooted, muddy and deep lakes and streams.

The 7.5k was 50% more than the billed 5k race distance plus 25 awesome obstacles was compounded with a 24 hour intrepid rain storm in the lead up to the race, that meant all Spartans were going to be tested to the extreme.

As Thomas’ manager and coach I have to say that Thomas has been so committed to his training that nothing was going to get in his way to setting down the gauntlet for the UK Spartan Race Scene. We trained Thomas for all the unknown and unknowable aspects to racing. It rained,rained and rained. The terrain was mighty when dry but as a mud bath, he had to dig deep to come how to Victory in 44 minutes. We had a strategy, he kept to it and on the On 25th August he proved he was a champ. Thomas deserved to win. It is in his blood!

Tough Mudder London North 2013

Thomas started his 2013 race series with an unofficial win (Tough Mudder is an untimed event) of the elite 1st wave. All the elite runners were on the start line for the 1st Tough Mudder event of the year with 20,000 racers over the weekend. The course was fast and technical and Thomas breezed across the finish line in 1st place having overcome Everest (obstacle). Not satisfied with this Thomas then went on to complete a 2nd lap of the 20k (11 mile) course with a friend.

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