Thomas Blanc 6 times Spartan Race Champion

Thomas Blanc Spartan Champion

Coach Report

by Michael Cohen, Head Coach & Manager

Thomas has laid down the gauntlet with the UK’s finest OCR Spartan Race series. For the last 5 weeks every racer has tried to out race him. He has raced the arduous hills of the the Spartan London Sprint, the fast flats of the Spartan Cambridge Sprint, the technical course at the Spartan Yorkshire Sprint, and then the harshest of storms at the Spartan Edinburgh Sprint. Last weekend it all culminated in a double win at the Spartan Midlands Super on Saturday and then the Spartan Midlands Sprint on Sunday.

In the Spartan Super he was challenged by elite OCR’rs and elite runners. But they couldn’t reign him in. Thomas finished with a 02:10 minute lead on runners up Ross Phelan and John Denovan. Even elite runner Sebastian Palmer was 4 minutes behind after being penalised for failing to do 2 sets of burpees for not completing 2 obstacles. Then on Sunday morning in a flash Thomas won the Sprint to runners up Ross Phelan and Markus Pieterse.

Thomas BlancThomas’ season has only just started and the question is now ‘what’ or I should say ‘who is going to stop him. He has had an incredible race series, and he is just getting faster and faster. Thomas is now preparing for the awesome and most challenging of all obstacle race terrains, The Spartan Beast’s 20k+ and 70+ obstacles in November. The challenge is on. Let the battle begin!

Now we go back to training mode. We have a strategy, plan, refinements, tweaks to take Thomas’ racing onto the next level to get him ready for the Spartan Race BEAST and the winter OCR race series.

Thomas is similarly looking forward to new members joining TEAM Wild Forest Gym as we put together a formidable racing team to take around the UK OCR scene and in 2014 the US and Europe.

Click here for Thomas Blanc’s full profile.

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