Cut your cost of training by HALF

TEAM Wild Forest Gym Coaching

Why pay full price when you could cut your training costs to a HALF or even a THIRD.

Here is how it works.

A 1-2-1 training session is £55/£65* for a 90 mins obstacle race specific training session.

However, if you train with a partner the cost for an additional trainee is only £10 extra per person.

Example to train in Ruislip

Trainees Session cost Extra Trainee Total cost per trainee
1 £55 n/a £65 each
2 £55 £10 £32.50 each
3 £55 £20 £25 each
4 £55 £30 £21 each

5 + trainees just add an extra £10 for each and split the total equally between trainees.

Whether it is a 1-2-1, 2-2-1 or small group the training session will be tailored to the exact needs of each trainee to improve your general level of fitness to get you Race FIT, Race SAFE and Race READY.

Its a great deal. Just bring along friends or colleagues to train with you and your training costs as little as a 3rd of the PRICE.

Can’t find anyone to train with – Don’t worry we have other trainees ready to train with you.


To book your tailored training session click here.

*£55 at Ruislip Venue. All other venues is £65.

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