WOD Friday 18.10.13

workout of the day WOD

Why should I practice running slow? I already know how to run slow. I want to learn to run fast.
— Emil Zatopek

Dynamic Warm-up
Run 800 meters (2 laps)

Main Set:
Run 400 meters
Recover 1-2 minutes
30 Burpees
Recover 1-2 minutes

Repeat 2-5 times. Strive to perform each mile repeat and each interval of burpees faster than your previous one. This means you will have to pace yourself properly, or you’ll risk blowing up before you complete a full workout. Start slow so you can finish at full throttle.

Cool Down:
Stretch, yoga

WOD Intensity Scores

Strength Endurance Speed
Strength: 4 Endurance: 3 Strength: 4

*1 = least intense, 5 = most intense

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Why Spartan Race WOD?

Because they are committed. Because they are hungry not to just show up and get through a Spartan Race, but they are hungry to show up and dominate the clock with a peak performance. Spartan Race is here to help you achieve your fitness goals.

As always, take the WOD as a general outline to best meet your current fitness and goals. We can’t dial into every Spartan’s workout schedule. Use these suggested WOD’s as a starting point to develop your own Spartan training regiment.

Please, always consult a medical professional before beginning or performing any of these workouts.

Please comment or ask a question below.

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