Cold Water Acclimatisation Training


It is time to get ready for winter OCR races, with your FREE Cold Water & Cold Weather
Training Plan!

Wild Forest Gym on a mission to inspire, educate and coach OCR Racers and contenders.

With winter OCR races already on the go it is time to acclimatize  to the cold weather and cold waters. DOn’t be caught out by last years mild winter. For those of you who were racing with Coach Michael or Pete (Mudstacle) on 29 January 2012 at Tough Guy it was -10° and the ice was 15mm thick! For the Nuts Challenge in March 2013, it was a meagre 1°. Believe it or not on 30 March Coach Michael  was racing at The Reaper in East Sussex and it was snowing. On 30th Jan 2014 the ice was 10mm thick and it was -1° in Essex.

Even though last winter was mild, we could see this winter hitting us like it did in 2012, where we saw 000’s of cases of hypothermia, injuries and cramping including many elite racers!

Cold Water Temperatures

15th December 2014: Hampstead Heath Ponds, London – Temperature is 5°.  That means in the country its at least 3-4 degrees cooler. Plus the deeper the lake/pond the cooler it gets.

Race Safety is No. 1 when it comes to OCR Racing!

So have you got balls of ice or steel?

How race ready are you? How much cold water / cold weather acclimatisation training have you done?

Preparation is everything.  REGISTER today and we will email you a 4-weekly  FREE Cold Water & Cold Weather Training Plan. Plus you can book a Cold Water Workshop.

cold water training

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3 thoughts on “Cold Water Acclimatisation Training

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  2. I was initially quite sceptical about cold water acclimatisation, thinking that, yes you get used to the cold, but when you’ve warmed up, you’d just have to start again from the beginning. After attending a training session and looking at the training package on offer, I can say that I’m coming round to the idea that getting over the initial and lasting shocks of being so cold does actually work! The more time I’ve spent in the cold, the quicker I’ve got used to it, and I’m hoping that as I carry on with the programme it will continue to get easier! Michael proved to be a highly competent coach, knowing just how far to push you. If possible, I would recommend anyone who is attending a winter endurance event with exposure to water on the cards, should try out the cold water acclimatisation package, it should definitely come in handy for getting you through to the end!

  3. Took part in the Cold Water Acclimatisation Training during the visit to Nuts on Sunday with the Mudstacle guys. Was very good and can see the huge benefits of doing this which will help greatly for Nuts and other races I am doing, top advice on clothing as well and tips on what to do as soon as race finishes to get core and rest of body warm. Really recommend to anyone taking part in winter OCR’s

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