What does it mean to be a MovNat Coach


MovNat (pronounced Move Nat) is a renowned institution that is highly respected and recognized by anyone in the field of natural movement.

MovNat was started by founder, Erwan Le Corre in the forest. Before founding MovNat, Erwan spent a lifetime pursuing a true fitness. From France to Brazil, Jujitsu to Georges Hebert, he studied and synthesized ancient fitness methodologies into what is now known as Natural Movement Fitness. MovNat is the result.

I similarly found myself in the forest, and only once I came across Erwan’s work that I realised that I wasn’t out there on my own. In fact there are thousands around the world, whom subscribe to similar principles all be it under different labels.

In the UK I am one of a handful of certified MovNat Coaches who have trained with Erwan’s team. I have never deemed a certificate as the determining factor of a coaches qualification. Instead I feel it is of what comes from within that can be translated and disseminated to a trainee.

Similarly, I feel that as a coach it is fundamental that what I share and coach my trainees is something that I am similarly proficient in.  So to me expressions such as ‘practice what you preach’ or ‘lead by example’ are some of the foundations of my basic principles to my philosophy to coaching. I am my own guinea pig, so everything that I expect of my trainees I have practised, explored and integrated into my own training before coaching it.

Functional Natural Movement isn’t just about exercise, strength and fitness, for me it is deeper. It is about learning about the functionality of the human body, the way it flows and  it connects. How we need to by mindful with movement, efficiency,  energy management and optimization.  How we connect with the external i.e. the terrain, natural obstacles, climate, gravity and ground force reactions.

It isn’t just about performing sets of exercises. It is about becoming non-specialized in order to develop the muscles and mind to be able to adapt to the unknown and unknowable aspect to racing. It is what we call multidimensional  or multilateral training

Equally it is the transition in and and out of a movement that is fundamentally as important. All in all it is about developing our proprioception (perception of our internal connectivity) and exteroception (perception of the body with the environment around) and experience connectivity, fluidity and flow.

As a MovNat coach, by synergizing these elements together  I believe I can optimize your performance and racing. The proof is in the results at the end of the day.

What are your limiters?

Are you ready to push your boundaries and race at your full human potential?

One thought on “What does it mean to be a MovNat Coach

  1. This is very much like my relationship with Peter Lakatos’ Primal Move – a similar system. Your approach to coaching and it resonating with my own thoughts on coaching and training, is one of the biggest things I took away from coming to a Spartan Training camp. It is always a privilege to be in the company of like minded people. Hopefully catch up with you soon, and hope Team Wild Forest Gym have great success at the upcoming Beast 🙂

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