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by Michael Cohen, Head Coach at TEAM Wild Forest Gym‘s, Elite OCR Racing Team

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What are TOD’s?

TOD’s stands for ‘Technique of the Day’. It is a way that Coach Michael gets all his OCR Elite athletes and general trainees to incorporate an element of their training into their day-to-day life, then it becomes part of the norm.

Coach Michael says “What we do each day with a TOD is to take a small element of out training, and spend a moment or two periodically throughout the day practising and developing it. It is so small that it doesn’t require finding time. Just a bit of multitasking or straight forward mindfulness. Whether you are at home or at work, it is so easy to incorporate. A TOD is a small thing, but it can have a massive affect in your racing or training.”

What are the benefits of TOD’s?

TOD’s make you more mindful of your body’s posture, movement, senses, connectivity and communication. It develops your skills, weakness and limiters. It enables you to approach your training and racing with good posture and mindfulness. It increases your range of skills and techniques by programming and developing muscle and mind memory patterns.

Examples of TOD’s

TOD – Being Ambidextrous

Being left or right-handed you, like everyone else have a dominate side to your body. In fact to your whole body. Today’s TOD is about balancing your left side with your right side of your brain, physical body and mind.

Everything that you normally do with your dominant hand/foot do with the other. Don’t worry about writing, but do try cutlery, brushing your teeth, lifting, carrying holding, opening etc.

When it comes to racing and training outdoors you need to be able to adapt to the environment and obstacles. This means being able to approach, and action from either your left or your right side of your body. This allows flow in your body, it brings about less adaptive behaviour to your body and mind and reduces risk of injury. Most importantly it optimizes your performance.

Find time to practice these techniques periodically throughout your day. It only takes a few moments, but the results can be long lasting.

TOD – The Squat

The Squat is the most vital movement for so many other techniques.

Squat down to the lowest point that you can 1. Keep you feet on the ground. Facing forward as much as possible. 2. Staying as upright as possible, then pulsate the squat. When you go down with the pulsating breathe out. Try to squat an extra cm. If you can’t get / keep your heels on the ground, stick a wedge such as a 20mm branch or a book under your heals. Over time you can decrease the height of the wedge.

Now do the following variations to help you develop it

1. Stand in front of a pole or something you can grip onto when squatting down.
2. Same as above except place a weighted bar like a dumbbell/box (not tough heavy, but heavy enough to help the knees go forward) on your thighs close to your knees.
3. Face the wall and squat. Each time try and place your feet as close to the wall. Try and squat as closer to the wall as possible
4. With back against wall try and squat down keeping back against wall.


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What Trainees have to say

On a daily basis I always elongate my spine and do breathing exercise (I find them relaxing) as well as keeping checks on my posture and how I sit, so I’m not ‘lounging’ so to speak.

I’m also mindful of being mindful, so I always stop and think before moving boxes, and ensure I keep my feet straight when I walk – I’ve always used to walk like a clown with my feet out so I’m trying to correct this!

Ash Rowley

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