FREE Cold Water Acclimatisation Training

cold water training

WEATHER ALERTS – 11th October 2016 – Temperatures dropped to 2.5 degrees in Essex.  DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE cold water and cold winds.

It is time to get ready for winter OCR races, with your FREE Cold Water & Cold Weather Training Plan!

For those of you who raced at last years UK Champ and Nuclear Fallout you will know what I am about to say. The temperature plummeted the day before and there was an icy chill! So many people suffered because the weather had been so mild up to then and were not prepared or kitted out. Lets not make 2016 a repeat of last year.

Early is the key word to preparation for your winter races. Although we have experienced milder winters for the last 3 years we must not forget that the winters can hit us hard. Back in 2012/2013 it was –8°. The reason I remember it was because I was running Tough Guy on January 29 2013 it was -10° in the water and the ice was 2cm thick. So do not be deceived by the last 2 winters, plan and prepare for the worst, and you will be in a good standing for your winter OCR races.

Just note we don’t need frosts for the water temperature to rapidly drop. Similarly when going in and out of the water the wind chill factor can really affect our comfort zone and can lead to cases of hypothermia. Also do not underestimate how the temperature of the lakes, ponds and rivers will slowly drop from September/October.

Race Safety is No. 1 when it comes to OCR Racing!

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So have you got balls of ice or steel?

How race ready are you? How much cold water / cold weather acclimatisation training have you done?

Preparation is everything. REGISTER today and we will email you a 4-weekly FREE Cold Water & Cold Weather Training Plan.

cold water training

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