KIT – Cold Water Acclimatisation Training

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When it comes to kit for Cold Water & Cold Weather acclimatisation Training I only recommend kit that I know works for me and my WildForestGym elite runners.  So here are my recommendations for clothing. You will need this kit before you move onto week 2. I have stated what is required and what is optional.

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  • Tribord Neo Sleeveless 0.5 mm Top

    Tribord Neo Sleeveless 0.5 mm Top

    Base Layer Top – Neoprene rash vest with 0.5mm-2mm neoprene. This thickness of neoprene acts as a good insulator but it is not too thick to run in. However you will need to allow time to get used to it. Check out Gul range.

  • Outer Top – It is important to wear a windproof top layer over your base layer  to shield you from the wind when you are out of the water, otherwise the cold weather will continue to draw the heat out of your body. Ideally a windstopper running zipped jacket made of ripstock and the thinnest you can buy. Check out Montane Marathon Jacket.
  • Gloves – The most important items when it comes to kit. It is your outer extremities that will feel it first i.e. your fingers. Recommend a 2.5mm-3mm neoprene glove.  This thickness allows good dexterity and grip of the fingers. Check out Gul range and Tribord.
  • Base shorts – They tend to keep the crown jewels as warm as is possible. They are also fast wicking.
  • Wild Forest Gym MMA shortsRace Shorts – Coach Michael only uses kit that has been tried and tested to make sure it is fully functional. The shorts are totally robust, hard wearing, light weight and do not retain water/mud and act as a good wind breaker. Perfect race and training shorts second to none. We only use the best! £29.99. To purchase click here.
  • Shoes – Trail shoes with good tread. DO NOT get waterproof or water resistant shoes as they will hold the water. You want fast draining shoes so that you aren’t splogging around in your shoes and your feet getting colder. Budget shoe is More Miles otherwise Inov-8 (check heal to toe ratio), Icebugs, Ice Rocks etc.


  • Swim Cap – Is an extra layer of protection when your head is immersed in cold water.   Speedo is best £3.
  • Hat –  A beanie hat that has thermal insulation/ fast wicking material. But not suitable for water immersion.
  • Arm Compressors  – Virus or 2XU arm compressors. Reason why I wear compressors is that depending on the temperature I can slide them up and down my arms. They are ultra durable and therefore they will protect your arms.
  • Leg Compressors – Virus or 2XU are good compressors, fast wicking and offer protection from scuffing your legs £30.
  • Socks – My preference is not to wear socks as they just soak up the water otherwise good running socks or neoprene. It’s a personal preference. If you are not accustomed to not wearing socks then you slowly need to build up your running from 10mins and then increase the time you run for, so as to reduce sores and blisters.

Additional Kit Recommendations

Pete at Mudstacle has also been reviewing other cold weather & cold water kit options.

Episode One – Thermal Rash Vest

Episode Two – Merino Wool Layers

Merino Wool’s Near Magical Qualities for Obstacle Course Races

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