The Nuts Challenge Cold Water Training

nuts challenge cold water training

Nutters, it is time to get ready for The Nuts Challenge, with your FREE Cold Water & Cold Weather Training Plan!

The Nuts Challenge Race Director, Wayne Monkman in partnership with, has asked obstacle race training specialists Wild Forest Gym, to help prepare his nutters for race day with Cold Water Acclimatisation Training.

Monkman says “As an event organiser I feel it is my duty to look after the welfare of my nutters. This means giving them first class training, so that they can prepare themselves. This way every nutter can enjoy themselves and be safe.  Last year the weather turned on us and hundreds of nutters risked hypothermia, because they were not familiar with cold water and cold weather exposure.

Similarly they were inadequately kitted out. This year every nutter will get a FREE Nuts Challenge Cold Water & Cold Weather Acclimatisation Training Plan. This will include  kit advise and 4 weeks of progressive training so that they are race READY & Race SAFE for the NUTS CHALLENGE”

Race Safety is No. 1 when it comes to The Nuts Challenge!

So have you got nuts of ice or steel?

How race ready are you? How much cold water / cold weather acclimatisation training have you done?

PLUS PLUS… You will have an option to attend a Cold Water Workshop facilitated by Head Coach, Michael Cohen of Wild Forest Gym, at the venue of The Nuts Challenge and sneakily check out the official course!

Preparation is everything. REGISTER today and we will email you a 4-weekly FREE Cold Water & Cold Weather Training Plan. Plus you can book a Cold Water Workshop at The Nuts Challenge.

cold water training

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