WOD – Run Pump

Workout of the Day WOD

Today’s WOD is an Endurance & Speed Workout called the ‘Run Pump’. This workout is not for faint hearted.  It will test your endurance on a cardio and muscular level. Plus your speed work having to chase your running partner down whilst going to the ground to exercise.

WU  (Warm Up)

8-10 mins jog
5 mins dynamic stretches
5 mins strides (4x50m sprints at a % of your max. Ist 75%, 2nd 80%, 3rd & 4th 85%)

MS (Main Set)

This workout is great to develop your trail running, endurance and speed work. Especially good for obstacle racing as it mimics the run/obstacle/run/obstacle environment. It works really well if you can do it with a running partner. The running partner only does the run element whereas you do the run & exercise. This way your partner will be able to pull ahead so you have to chase them down.

Equipment required – Stop watch with countdown timer for 45 seconds. When using the stopwatch for the 90 second run, work out how you can set off the 45s countdown and be able to reset it whilst running so it counts down for a further 45s without having to stop. This way you don’t have to mess around with the stopwatch mid run.

Terrain – Best terrain is an undulating forest trail. Otherwise park, field or even on path. Do not do on road or where you will be a hazard when stopping to do the exercise.


Duration – 45 to 60 mins

2 x 4(45s/30s exercise, 90s/30s exercise,90s/30s exercise)(Z5c)(5min Z1)

  • 2 sets of 4 reps with a 5 minute recovery run in between.The running speed will be your 10k race pace  which is your perceived running Zone 5c (Z5c)
  • Each rep consists of 3 runs. 1st is 45 second run followed by 30 seconds of an exercise. Then 90s run and 30s exercise and finally a 90s run and 30s exercise. This one rep is equivalent to 1km  i.e. 45s is approx 200m.
  • You will do 4 reps to complete the 1st set.
  • Then take a 5 min recovery jog in Z1 (very light run)
  • Then do 2nd set.
  • Exercises to do are: push up, crab crawl, jump up, bear crawl, frog jumps, step up, pull up, log lift, log throw, hanging leg raise, balancing. Select one exercise per run. Change the order and bring other exercises into the workout.
  • Each set of 4 x 3 runs/exercises is without any recovery break. Make sure you immediately drop into exercise and then straight back into run. No drifting between. Do not loose running form.
  • Tactics – Try to overtake your partner when you are ready to. Be tactical so you don’t blow out too soon. Just remember you want to make sure each segment of the run is a constant speed. So aim to make your last reps your strongest.

Training Levels – Immediate and advanced. Less able runners should reduce the amount of reps to  may be 2 or 3  reps per set and/or reduce the 3 runs to 2 per rep. Advanced runners could take it up to 5 or 6 reps per set.

CD (Cool Down)

8-10 mins jog
10 mins stretch muscles used (10 seconds per exercise)

Help & Guidance

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