Four podium wins at The Nuts Challenge

TEAM Wild Forest Gym

FOUR PODIUM WINS for TEAM Wild Forest Gym with an awesome weekend racing at The Nuts Challenge.

  • 1st Place for Thomas Blanc in Mixed Nuts 01:54:20.
  • 1st Place for Caine Johnson (17yrs old) in More Nuts 00:57:57
  • 2nd Place for Mark Johnson in More Nuts 01:02:43
  • 2nd Place in age group 14-19 (overall 5th place) for Ross Cohen in More Nuts 01:07:28.
  • Commiserations to Louise Johnstone who was beaten by the cold and had to pull out on her 3rd lap of Tough Nuts.

Coach & Managers Report

In the weeks leading up to The Nuts Challenge Winter 2014 Race,  the race was really built up to be an epic with most elite racers aiming for the podium. One of the biggest concerns after last years race was how many of the elite racers were going to be taken out by the cold weather.

Partnering up with Race Director Wayne Monkman Wild Forest Gym provided all contenders with a FREE Cold Water Training Plan, which is the same as we use for TEAM Wild Forest Gym. With spring like weather leading up to race day it was amazing how many racers underestimated the cold waters and then on Sunday the cold winds that swept in turning this into such an endurance OCR race.

PODIUM WIN No.1 – On Saturday 1st March TEAM Wild Forest Gym saw Caine Johnson our 17-year-old ‘Junior’ competed against the seniors in the More Nuts 7k race, and won the race in a record time of 00:57:57, 5 minutes ahead of his father in 2nd place.  It was physically obvious that all upper body training and development was beginning to show with the proceeding months training. The win was the validation. TEAM mate Thomas Blanc and OCR elite racer Jonathan Albon better watch out  as he could be the contending for the future UK OCR Championship title in the next couple of years.

Rosss Cohen & Caine Johnson

PODIUM WIN No.2 – In the same race Ross Cohen aged 14-yrs-old came 2nd place in his Age Group 14-19  and out raced most seniors by coming 5th out of 1233 racers in 01:07:28.

Thomas Blanc

PODIUM WIN No.3 – Thomas Blanc is back with a win in the 14K elite wave with a  time of 01:54:20, 23 mins ahead of the rest of the pack. For Thomas this was his big test to his rehabilitation after injuring himself in a mountaineering accident in January, where he damaged his lumbar vertebrae. Now over the next few months we will put Thomas into a training zone so that he can take on the summer Mudstacle League on full form. Proving how dangerous racing can be, even to the elite, he had a full on collision with a slippery log that caused one of his upper teeth to pierce all the way through his lower lip. But that was not going to stop him as he ploughed through the finishing line.  Medics gave him all clear afterwards.

Commiserations to final TEAM racers Louise Johnstone who was beaten by the cold and pulled out on her 3rd lap of Tough Nuts. What an amazing attempt as only tow other females managed to complete the race.

Congrats to Wayne Monkman at The Nuts Challenge for organising an incredible event, 2nd to none once again!

Picture credits Pete @

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