TEAM Wild Forest Gym selection for OCR Team UK (Formerly OCR Team GB)

ocr team uk

OCR Team UK (Formerly OCT Team GB) have invited TEAM Wild Forest Gym OCR athletes for selection to represent OCR Team UK at the OCR World Championship in the US on 25/26 October 2014.

Doug Spence Manager for OCR Team UK has gone out to the OCR community to find the best OCR racers to challenge the world teams at this years OCR World Championship which will see OCR racers from around the world converge together to present the best in OCR.

TEAM Wild Forest Gym OCR athlete selection invitations include:

OCR Team UK Head Coach Appointed

We are also pleased to announce that Head Coach Michael Cohen of TEAM Wild Forest Gym has been appointed as a OCR Team UK Head Coach

TEAM Wild Forest Gym Applications

Do you have what it takes to race for TEAM Wild Forest Gym and to represent your country in OCR Team GB at the World Championships. Want to find out how?

OCR World Championship Overview

by Adrian
Adventurey CEO & OCRWC President

We are happy to announce that we’ve chosen Cincinnati, OH to host the inaugural OCRWC. More specifically, we will be using the site of the spectacular Mud, Guts, & Glory race series. Why? As anyone who has raced MGG can attest (and there are a litany of reviews on the subject), the property that plays host offers the most optimal terrain for an OCR in the country. With this venue we also have numerous luxuries unheard of elsewhere: a canvas of 120 acres littered with hills and natural features and 10 months of time to prepare a course worthy of a World Championship. Additionally, with the event being held in the mid-west and in close proximity to three international airports and numerous accommodations, we can ensure accessibility to the majority of OCR athletes.

Speaking of the course, the OCRWC will be an approximately 8-mile race that is the perfect blend of natural terrain and obstacles. We are happy to confirm and reinforce that there will be plenty of obstacles with many of them being the most challenging in the market. This is an obstacle course race, not a mere foot race, and that will be reflected in every aspect of the course design.

Regarding the actual competition, as previously confirmed we will offer a broad range of competitive heats: elite, age-group, team competition, and my favorite…the Journeymen division for men and women. Winners in each of these will be eligible for cash and prizes with further details to be found in the FAQ and Event Details sections.

So there we have it. There will be plenty more to share with you in the weeks and months to come so please watch this space. Also, I want to send out a BIG thank you to the team working with me on the OCRWC. Bringing a world-class event to life is no easy task, and without the heroic efforts of a handful of people this event would not be a reality. Thank you for your support, guidance, and constant reality-checks.

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