5 More Podiums Places for TEAM Wild Forest Gym

5 podium wins for TEAM Wild Forest Gym

TEAM Wild Forest Gym is on a podium run. Adding to its fantastic Nuts Challenge wins the TEAM are hitting the top of the podium once again for the last 2 weekends.

1st Place Females Muddy Trials, Scotland 12k Louise Johnstone
1st Place Age Group (2nd place overall) Warrior Run 6k Caine Johnson
1st Place Age Group (4th place overall) Warrior Run 6k Mark Johnson
3rd Place Females Dirty Dozen 12k Toni Cupit
1st place Age Group Dirty Dozen 6k Mark Johnson

Race Reviews

Mark Johnson – Warrior Run

The race over all was good. Once into my stride was able to overtake 2 racers that had run past me on the long run. Great log carry and tyre lift plus eased through 2 sets of monkey bars. Was able to overtake strugglers on the rope climb. Was able to put into practice the hill climbing training on the steep hills. I had no problems with the cold water. All in all a great race and a great finish.

Caine Johnson – Warrior Run

Leading up to the race I had a lack of training due to illness. I managed to complete all obstacles without missing any and having to do push ups. It felt quite heavy on the biceps and quads due to the climbing/carrying and the hills/water and jumping. As a bit under the weather the water was a shock at first but easy to overcome; as was the lengthy runs and hills. I was also okay with some new obstacles like the staggered monkey bars and the tyre flip. All in all, it was a tough race for just 6km and was tough all the way through with no real rest, which was great.

Toni Cupit – Dirty Dozen

What a great race day. Was a flat course, with lots of running, in between deep trenches and riverbanks. Sheep dip was quite early on, and there were a couple of  river swims. The ground was a mix of hardened clay and thick, claggy clay, which was made interesting by a long tyre pull, then there was a log carrying section through woods along muddy tracks. Two sections that zapped your energy were the run/ wade through the river, and the BMX type track, before you headed on to the large obstacles. The obstacles were really sturdy and well-built, the marshalls were great, really encouraging and fun. The atmosphere in the village was brilliant, really friendly. Could have done with a changing area, but all good!The barbed wire crawls hurt so much! Lucky people on the Sunday when it turned to mud! Thanks to Doug Spence and his team for putting on a great event.

Louise Johnson – Muddy Trials

Great to be taking part in a local (Scotland) race.  Taking place on the Craufurdland Castle Estate in Kilmarnock, fantastic route, trail, water and mud to add to the mix.  Natural terrain obstacles are really working for me recently in terms of being challenged and putting up a challenge.  Fantastic people and support for each other!  Would highly recommend!

Ironically I wasn’t meant to have been racing as my energy had been zapped for 2 weeks leading up to the race and pretty much not been able to train. So decided to run it rather than race. Without the pressures of going out to win the race, I came into my stride and low and behold it was the best running I had ever done. All in all with my new running technique that I had been working on in TEAM training I not only finished but I won it, outright!

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