Amy Bramble’s review of WildForestGym

Published on Amy Bramble Yoga Blog, 22 June 2015

Amy Bramble

Last month, I went on one of the free trial sessions currently on offer at the WildForestGym in Brentwood, Essex. It was a perfect, late spring afternoon and I absolutely loved it!

Amy Bramble

Bluebells in the woods…

The bluebells were out in full bloom, carpeting the woods and the centre itself managed to combine my love of the British countryside, movement, balancing, challenging myself and breathing in fresh air.

Amy Bramble Yoga in the woods

A little yoga posture in the bluebells

The afternoon was a great chance to build on some existing skills which I’ve developed through my yoga practice such as the ability to balance (sometimes!) and work with my own body weight but it also threw a bundle of curve balls too as we were asked to run (something I’d not done for longer than I care to admit!) and jump and climb over over all manner of obstacles.

Amy Bramble Obstacles

This was so much harder than I thought it would be!

I loved the fact that it is all set in such beautiful, natural surroundings, so much so that it’s even inspired me to buy some running leggings and trail shoes so that I could manage the odd jog around Epping Forest and the local fields.

It certainly feels as if fate is nudging me in the direction of exercising more outside at the moment, as just a couple of weeks after our visit, I then received an email from Magascene, a local Epping mag, telling me I’d won a month’s VIP pass entitling me to unlimited use of their facilities. That and the warmer weather, which has enabled me to take lots of my Epping Golf Club classes outside this month means that I’m loving getting closer to nature both on and off my yoga mat this year…read more.

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