Cold Water Weather Workshop

Cold Water Training Workshop

WEATHER ALERTS – 30th November 2016. Temperatures -6 degrees in Essex. DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE cold water and cold winds.

Meet Coach Michael expert Cold Water & Cold Weather Acclimatisation Trainer to get you ready for your winter OCR races.

Time: 12noon – 2pm
Venue: WildForestGym, hosted at Nuclear Races, Brentwood, Essex.

Sun 11th December 2016
Sun 15th January 2017
Sun 12th February 2017

FUTURE WORKSHOP DATES – Click here to enquire

VIRTUAL SKYPE WORKSHOP – Can’t make it to Essex join our live virtual Skype hook up and join our Cold Water Workshop with Q&A.

 This 2hr session includes:

  1. Overview and Q&A on the 4 week Cold Water Training Plan.
  2. Discussion and samples of winter/neoprene kit.
  3. Cold Water training session – time to get immersed.
  4. Hot drink and hot showers to rewarm….aaahh.

Investment in your health & well being is £16.99 and not getting frozen balls!

Limited places so first come first served.


Workshop £16.99 includes 4 week training plan!!!

To BOOK click here

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