St Lukes Hospice goes wild at WildForestGym

Hello my name is Steve Baker. I am active in the OCR community and I need your help in raising funds for St Lukes Hospice.

It give me great pleasure to invite you to St Lukes Hospice goes wild at WildForestGym on 13th March 2016 from 10am – 2pm.

This is your opportunity to develop/learn a new skill and overcome your NEMESIS may it be climbing ropes, walls, the gladiator rings, monkey bars, The Weaver or The Destroyer…or another of your choice. Not only are you doing it for you, but you are doing it for a great cause.  Hear is your challenge. Decide on 4 Skills that you need to overcome or you want to fine tune. Then all you need to do is to find sponsorship, a minimum of £10 for each skill.

Coach Michael of WildForestGym hosted at Nuclear Races has generously offered his gym and obstacle race course so that i can get to raise at least £2000 for St Lukes Hospice. How would you like to raise money and help a good cause and have a ‘Fun Day’ on an obstacle course with 100% of the sponsonship money going to charity.

It’s simple all you have to do is buy a NEMESIS ticket for £24 and raise a minimum of £40 sponsorship and this is what you get.

  • A fun day with loads of OCR friends at WildForestGym
  • At least 4 obstacle skills classes.
  • Fun Team competitions and challenges using the 2.3k obstacle course with 36 obstacles. Adults, kids and family teams.
  • Medals for every participant & competition prizes for winners.
  • To help a good cause.
  • Plus their will be a yummy BBQ and refreshments.

Why St Lukes?  This started out as a place in the London marathon and me agreeing to raise £1600 pounds for them. I started having ideas on how to do this and my first idea was an OCR Raffle. In starting that I got to speak to some amazing people I managed to get over 50 prizes and raise over £1000 doing that alone. As silly as this sounds the more I raise the more I want to raise so I have been planning other events some not OCR related (car boots, collection days and even a triathlon).

So with my minimum donation raised I actually want to keep raising money. So this takes me back to the raffle and the great people I chatted with and some of the prizes I collected I managed to talk to Coach Michael from WildForestGym. Between us we are going to hold an event to help really get a massive donation for St Lukes Hospice.


To book please select your ticket.

1 adult ticket £24 Book
2 adult tickets £48 Book
3 adult tickets £72 Book
4 adult tickets £96 Book
1 child ticket (7-13yrs) £14 Book
2 child tickets (7-13yrs) £28 Book
1 family ticket (2 adults & 2 children) £70 Book

Please comment or ask a question below.

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