Race Training Plan Overview

free training plan

It’s time to get race ready for your Nuclear Race. WildForestGym are one of the official on-site training providers for Nuclear Races and together with Nuclear Races we have put together a training plan to get you Race FIT…Race SAFE…Race READY!!!

Your 6 week FREE training plan includes the 3 most important elements to training to guarantee you will be Race READY!

  1. Running Training Workouts
  2. Obstacle Fitness Training
  3. Obstacle Skills Training

This training plan is suitable for newbies, and those returning to fitness as well as seasoned runners. It is assumed that you are able to run a minimum of 2.5k.


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Coach Michael or R4C Health Solutions Limited t/a WildForestGym is not liable for any injuries or damages that individuals might incur by attempting to perform or copy any of the exercises, techniques described, depicted or discussed on the Training Plan. Any individual attempting to do so is at his or her own risk. Consult with your doctor before beginning an exercise programme. This Training Plan is only suitable for those over 16yrs.

Sample Week 1

Day Workout Description Duration 7k Race 12k Race
Monday  Run Easy trail run 2.5k 5k
Balance & Agility Workout To developing your ankle strength and reactive skills to the uneven terrain. 30mins
Tuesday Obstacle Core Skills Workout – Basics  Focus is on grip strength, core strength, ability to lift body/legs & crawling techniques. 30-45mins
Wednesday Rest Day
Thursday Run Easy trail run  3k 6k
Balance & Jump Workout Balance techniques as before. Plus jump down/over/beyond techniques to reduce impact levels/ risk of injury whilst developing essential skills. Plus make great plyometric exercises. 30 mins
Friday Easy Day Either a rest day or or a restorative yoga or massage
Saturday Focused Obstacle Skills Training – Basics Time to get down to WildForestGym and attend an Obstacle Skills Class. Focus – rope climbing foot lock, wall jumping, monkey bars & rings. Getting out an obstacle course is going to give you real-time experience on actual obstacles. 60 mins
Sunday Fartlek trail run 4 mins hard followed by 1 min recovery jog x 6 (9 for 12k runners) 30mins 45mins
 or Rest or Cross-Train Rest or Cross-Train such as Indoor Climbing wall, cycling, swimming or yoga. Yoga is great for core strength, balance and increased flexibility.


To register for your FREE Training Plan click here.

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