About Natural Movement

You were born to run, throw, lift, carry, climb, jump, crawl, balance and walk. Now is your time to experience what it really feels like to optimize the way you move, function and perform beyond your current limitations and boundaries with primal movements.

Wild Forest Gym training is centred around  ‘Natural Movement Fitness’ as a way of developing your body to its full potential in regard to its agility, flexibility, dexterity, co-ordination, strength and power. Coach Michael is a MovNat Coach, of the renowned institution that is highly respected and recognized by anyone in the field of natural movement.

‘Natural Movement Fitness’ develops the primal movement skills of – locomotion  and manipulation in a safe and natural environment.

locomotion skills manipulative skills safety skills

An Education

crawl underAn integral aspect of Wild Forest Gym is self-education and self-exploration about movement, communication, connectivity  and functionality by gaining an understanding of your own:

  • Posture.
  • Range of movement.
  • Flow and connectivity.
  • Body weight transitioning and balance.
  • Centre of gravity.
  • Fuel expenditure and efficiency.

Every one of these vital skills optimize your ability to perform and function, may it be: obstacle racing, adventure racing, endurance racing, trail running or general fitness.

hang tough leg raise

The Natural Environment

Training in the natural environment of the forests uniquely develops the body, and mind to be multi-dimensional rather than specialised.

Only the forest can provide us with:

  1. Varied undulating terrains and uneven surfaces.
  2. The uneven shape with its varied centre of balance, symmetry and hand grips of objects such as logs, tree limbs and stones that you lift, throw, push, pull, catch, carry. climb or traverse.
  3. The all-weather training environment to teach you how to adapt and react to the : cold, humid, hot, damp, slippery, wet, icy or mud.
  4. Change on a daily and seasonal basis so that no two training sessions, let alone set or repetition are repeated or duplicated .

rope climb


Natural Movement and primal movement fitness will train your to adapt to the unknown and unknowable aspect to racing and trail running. Thereby arming you with the tools and skills to master the terrain and the environment rather than fight it.

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