About Wild Forest Gym

Michael CohenWild Forest Gym is an outdoor fitness program that specialises in natural movement training.

Training in the forests, with its variable terrain, weather and seasons gives you an opportunity to develop  and optimize your fitness, health and performance.

Wild Forest Gym Training is ideal if you want to:

Wild Forest Gym training is progressive and takes primal movement training onto new levels by taking all the elements of the unpredictability that you get from natural movement and that of the terrain, weather, and variable ground cover and fuses them together. This develops you on all levels – spiritual, mental, psychological, physiological and biomechanical.

For Coach Michael optimizing his trainees performance and functionality is about teaching you about your own body, its communication, flow, transitioning, body weight transfer amongst other core  elements.

Natural Movement trains your core elements and energy systems to maximize efficiency and effectiveness on both physical and mind levels. These include: balance, co-ordination, agility, strength, power, posture alignment, endurance, dynamic movement, flexibility, mobility, accuracy and core strength.

tree climbingOutdoor fitness training in the forest & woodlands is a place to breathe, enjoy and be around like-minded people, whilst we train you hard. You will train among a diverse group of people from athletes, cyclists, runners, housewives, executives and students. Our training is inclusive and scalable in such a way that it will challenge you.

Whether you are young or older, rehabilitating or a ‘Tough Mudder’ contender, we will work you to the level that will challenge you as an individual, and combined with cooperative training (team work), push you beyond boundaries to realize the ‘warrior’ inside you.

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