Race Training Plan Overview

free training plan

It’s time to get race ready for your Nuclear Race. WildForestGym are one of the official on-site training providers for Nuclear Races and together with Nuclear Races we have put together a training plan to get you Race FIT…Race SAFE…Race READY!!!

Your 6 week FREE training plan includes the 3 most important elements to training to guarantee you will be Race READY!

  1. Running Training Workouts
  2. Obstacle Fitness Training
  3. Obstacle Skills Training

This training plan is suitable for newbies, and those returning to fitness as well as seasoned runners. It is assumed that you are able to run a minimum of 2.5k.


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Coach Michael or R4C Health Solutions Limited t/a WildForestGym is not liable for any injuries or damages that individuals might incur by attempting to perform or copy any of the exercises, techniques described, depicted or discussed on the Training Plan. Any individual attempting to do so is at his or her own risk. Consult with your doctor before beginning an exercise programme. This Training Plan is only suitable for those over 16yrs.

Sample Week 1

Day Workout Description Duration 7k Race 12k Race
Monday  Run Easy trail run 2.5k 5k
Balance & Agility Workout To developing your ankle strength and reactive skills to the uneven terrain. 30mins
Tuesday Obstacle Core Skills Workout – Basics  Focus is on grip strength, core strength, ability to lift body/legs & crawling techniques. 30-45mins
Wednesday Rest Day
Thursday Run Easy trail run  3k 6k
Balance & Jump Workout Balance techniques as before. Plus jump down/over/beyond techniques to reduce impact levels/ risk of injury whilst developing essential skills. Plus make great plyometric exercises. 30 mins
Friday Easy Day Either a rest day or or a restorative yoga or massage
Saturday Focused Obstacle Skills Training – Basics Time to get down to WildForestGym and attend an Obstacle Skills Class. Focus – rope climbing foot lock, wall jumping, monkey bars & rings. Getting out an obstacle course is going to give you real-time experience on actual obstacles. 60 mins
Sunday Fartlek trail run 4 mins hard followed by 1 min recovery jog x 6 (9 for 12k runners) 30mins 45mins
 or Rest or Cross-Train Rest or Cross-Train such as Indoor Climbing wall, cycling, swimming or yoga. Yoga is great for core strength, balance and increased flexibility.


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Building your Race Calendar & Training Plan

 planning race calendar

Why did you buy that race ticket?

Time to plan your Race Calendar

By Coach Michael, coach to WildForestGym Elite Racers

Published December 2016 Obstacle Race Magazine


How many of you runners just buy a ticket because it was an earlybird price or because your mates are doing it. This article is aimed at the seasoned and elite runner rather than the fun runner, who should book as many fun runs as possible, but in balance. As always we look to our OCR Training Expert Coach Michael, for some expert guidance as to how to build your  race calendar and make sure it is purposeful and helps you to achieve your goals.

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‘Why did you buy that race ticket? Time to plan your 2017 Race Calendar

Obstacle Race Magazine Interview with Michael Cohen

By Coach Michael. December 2016

How many of you runners just buy a ticket because it was an earlybird price or because your mates are doing it. This article is aimed at the seasoned and elite runner rather than the fun runner, who should book as many fun runs as possible, but in balance. As always we look to our OCR Training Expert Coach Michael, for some expert guidance as to how to build your 2017 race calendar and make sure it is purposeful and helps you to achieve your goals.

How many of you have a plan let alone a clear goal to your coming years racing? Having a goal means that your seasons races and your training plan are purposeful. What I mean is that it’s all well racing because everyone else is or you get a good price on a ticket. What is key is making sure that your planned races help you to achieve your goal.

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Obstacle STRESS Training

Welcome to Obstacle STRESS Training, the 4th level to our specialist Obstacle Skill Training.

Level 1 Fitness & Conditioning
Level 2 Technical Skills
Level 3 Obstacle Fluidity & Transitioning
Level 4 Obstacle STRESS Training

Obstacle STRESS Training has been devised to simulate race condition conditions i.e. wet, cold, icy, slippery, muddy, queues, rain, gross fatigue and obstacle stress.

Background to Obstacle STRESS Training

So the biggest question on racers minds is what the f**k happened at the UK OCR Championships 2016. This years champs saw every racer being tested on an insane level…well hey it is the championships! But more importantly most lost both if not one band and not one female was able to complete the rig and only 50 men were able to. Even the best couldn’t complete it 1st time including the winner Tristan Stead! (Just to explain that UK OCR Champs rules state that you need at one band to be officially placed and 2 bands overrides one band holders times).

UK OCR Championship 2016

Pushing aside other instrumental reasons beyond my ‘coaching control’, which has caused lots of controversy and upsets, I have been able to conclude the reason why most runners were not able to complete either the Ninja Rings or the Rig. Having spent hour after hour at the Ninja Rings and the RIG trying to guide many racers on race day it was very clear to me why so many racers were so challenged:

  • Under trained.
  • Fatigued.
  • Just simply cold.
  • Some were simply demoralised.
  • Angry & frustrated.
  • Reliant on brute force.
  • Did not have fluidity or momentum on the obstacles.
  • BUT what was very clear was that most were ***NOT RACE CONDITIONED***

Being Race Conditioned…or NOT

Not being race conditioned doesn’t mean that you do not have good form or technique, however it was obvious that some didn’t and were just brute forcing it!

Being race conditioned is training in …… race simulated condition environment i.e. when your body is under total stress…when it is cold…when you are cold…when you are fatigued…when it is muddy…when there are queues…when the obstacles are wet…when they are slippery. I think you are getting where I am going on this one YOU NEED TO START TRAINING OUTDOORS AND ON AN OBSTACLE TRAINING COURSE!

Obstacle STRESS Training

Here at WildForestGym we have developed a totally unique and specialist training plan to simulate race conditions. Each part of our training plan deals which different STRESS elements to racing:

  • WEATHER – This is when we take you out onto the race course in the cold, sun, wet, heat, ice, rain and wind and train you in race condition weather conditions whilst teaching you adaptive techniques for when the the obstacles are muddy, wet or cold or when your hands are freezing, wet or slippery. So when it is cold, wet, icy WE GO TRAINING ON COURSE not pop into our comfortable warm indoor gym.
  • SLIPPERY OBSTACLES – If it is not wet and muddy then we dip your hands in the mud, throw mud onto the obstacles and get the watering can out to wet the obstacles. This is what race condition weather training is about. It may sound insane but it is for these reasons why we offer Obstacle STRESS Training to get your race ready for every conceivable situation.
  • FATIGUED & STRESS – We will intentionally fatigue you during a session to make sure that when you are fatigued you can complete the obstacle without loosing the band. We know that your arms may be blasted when you get to the rig so we will make sure that your arms are blasted when you get to the rig.
  • THE TOOLBOX – We will develop a toolbox of techniques that you can adapt to the wet, slippery, cold conditions and obstacles so you have more than one technique that you can rely on or adapt to the extreme needs of the situation.
  • KIT – If you need to race in a neoprene vest then we need to make sure you are well used to wearing it in race conditions. If you are planning a hot race then we will overdress you to make you know what it feels like when the bodies thermostat is up.
  • QUEUES – We will teach you proactive techniques so you will not have to stand getting cold, wet and frustrated queuing for obstacles.

Example STRESS Training Session

Sample Workout

Rope Climb (7mtrs) 2 climbs
2 climbs -hands only
Peg Wall 5  wall climbs  – arms only (no feet on wall)
Monkey bars (rungs misses permitted) Inverted bars with 16 rungs

1 set
2 set (there and back)
3 sets
4 sets
5 sets

32 rungs: Inverted monkey bars – inverted scramble net crossing (hands n feet) – pitched monkey bars
64 rungs: Inverted monkey bars – inverted scramble net crossing – pitched monkey bars – pitched monkey bars – rope crossing (arms only) – inverted monkey bars

Rig 1 set of all lanes

Lane 1: 8 rings (misses permitted)
Lane 2 (no misses): Rings – hanging rope – ring – trapeze bar – foot ring – hanging scaffold bar – ring – touch off
Lane 3 (no misses): Rings – nunchchuck – ring – trapeze bar – foot ring – hanging chain – ring – touch off
Lane 4 (no misses): Rings – short knotted rope – ring – trapeze bar – foot ring – nunchuck – ring – touch off
Lane 5: 8 rings (misses permitted)

And that was just one workout!


We want you practised, trained, simulated to every perceivable situation with our Obstacle STRESS Training Program and make sure that you are RACE READY and you don’t loos e your band.!!!



We are so sure that we can improve your obstacle skills to reduce your risk of loosing a band or not completing an obstacle that we will offer you a full money back guarantee if by the time you finish the Obstacle STRESS Training Plan you will have successfully improved your race condition training


It’s time to get RACE READY!

Contact Coach Michael and he will organise your personal Obstacle STRESS Training Plan to make sure your are RACE READY. Click here.

Obstacle List

Updated 01/12016

Tyre Wall Parallel Bars Weaver Tyre Cawl
Inverted Walls 6ft, 7ft, 8ft Leaning Walls 6ft, 7ft, 8ft A-Frame scramble net climb A-Frame inverted ninja scramble net climb
45ft & 90ft Traverse lines  Log Carry Log Carry Balance Beam The Ledge/Irish Table
Hoisted weight lift Tyre Mangle Sandbag crossing Scramble net crawl
Mega Rig – 40 holds Inverted/Pitched Monkey Bars  Inverted Scramble net traverse Blast Wall
Destroyer – 12ft arms only wall climb  Blast jumper Vertical Weaver Frog Leap Vertical Jumper
7 mtr Rope Climbs 5 hanging rope traverse Rope swing with hurdle Peg Wall
Cliff Hanger – wall/rope traverse 5 Rope Ascent/Decent Traverse  32 Technical Jumps Rope Ladder Climb

FREE Skills Classes at WildForestGym

Free skills class

To celebrate our 1st birthday we want you to celebrate it with us. So if you have not attended one of our classes before then don’t miss out on this FREE class opportunity to find out why Coach Michael was awarded ‘Best Training Centre’ in the UK. Offer is open to everyone who has already done an induction prior to the 1st March 2016

So if you haven’t attended one of Coach Michael’s classes before here is your opportunity. Demand is going to be high so bookings will be taken on a 1st come 1st served basis.

To avoid the waiting list BOOK NOW. Please note if the date you have requested is fully booked we will advise you of the next available date.

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OCR Time Trial (OCR TT) Results

Following is the results from each OCR Time Trial (OCR TT)

Handicap – Each runner that is unable to complete an obstacle unassisted and having made up to a maximum of 3 attempts receives a handicap per obstacle. For this reason a runner cannot be judged on time alone but also handicap. Handicaps replace forfeits.

Obstacle Handicaps

Tyre Wall 1 Log Carry 1
Horizontal Weaver 1 Tyre Carry 1
3 walls 1 to 3 Hang Tough Rings 1
Inverted Scramble net (hands only) 1 Monkey Bars 1 to 2
Long Traverse Lines 1 Vertical Weaver 1
The Ledge/Irish Table 1 Rope Climb 1
Hoist 1 Peg Wall 1

OCR TT Dates 2016 – 31st Jan, 28th Feb, 27th Mar, 24th Apr, (2nd May WildForestJam), 29th May, 26th Jun, (29th Aug WildForestJam), 25th Sept, 30th Oct & 27th Nov

BOOK your next OCR Time Trial click here.

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St Lukes Hospice goes wild at WildForestGym

Hello my name is Steve Baker. I am active in the OCR community and I need your help in raising funds for St Lukes Hospice.

It give me great pleasure to invite you to St Lukes Hospice goes wild at WildForestGym on 13th March 2016 from 10am – 2pm.

This is your opportunity to develop/learn a new skill and overcome your NEMESIS may it be climbing ropes, walls, the gladiator rings, monkey bars, The Weaver or The Destroyer…or another of your choice. Not only are you doing it for you, but you are doing it for a great cause.  Hear is your challenge. Decide on 4 Skills that you need to overcome or you want to fine tune. Then all you need to do is to find sponsorship, a minimum of £10 for each skill.

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Cold Water Weather Workshop

Cold Water Training Workshop

WEATHER ALERTS – 30th November 2016. Temperatures -6 degrees in Essex. DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE cold water and cold winds.

Meet Coach Michael expert Cold Water & Cold Weather Acclimatisation Trainer to get you ready for your winter OCR races.

Time: 12noon – 2pm
Venue: WildForestGym, hosted at Nuclear Races, Brentwood, Essex.

Sun 11th December 2016
Sun 15th January 2017
Sun 12th February 2017

FUTURE WORKSHOP DATES – Click here to enquire

VIRTUAL SKYPE WORKSHOP – Can’t make it to Essex join our live virtual Skype hook up and join our Cold Water Workshop with Q&A.

ORM Running Analysis Competition


ORM have partnered with Coach Michael of Wild Forest Gym to give you an opportunity to WIN a FREE 90-minute Wild Forest Gym running analysis.

Here is your opportunity to work with Coach Michael and share his knowledge and experience of training in the forest.

To enter the draw to win a free Wild Forest Gym training session complete the form below. The draw will take place on 20th January 2016. Continue reading