ORM Natural Running Training


Obstacle Race magazine has partnered with Wild Forest Gym, specialists in advanced natural running training. With every Natural Running training session booked get a FREE running analysis. Limited offer.

Natural Running Technique Training is focused on how you can optimize the way your were born to run by:

  • LEARNING correct natural running form.
  • REDUCING injuries.
  • INCREASING fuel economy.
  • REDUCING discomfort, aches and pains.
  • INCREASING enjoyment.
  • OPTIMIZING performance.

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The Squat

Obstacle Race Magazine Interview with Michael Cohen
Obstacle Race Magazine

The Squat

by Michael Cohen

Issue 1
February 2014

Squatting is one of the most fundamental movements that is so understated in training. In the case of obstacle racing, squatting will affect your range of movement, strength, power and output.

Poor squatting technique will affect your running, jumping, landing, climbing, crawling, leaping and most built obstacles. If you are a runner then the likelihood is that you have extremely tight hamstrings. I know myself how tight and restrictive they used to be. Continue reading

Crawl like a Bear

First published in Obstacle Race Magazine

Obtacle Race Magazine

Feb 2014

By Michael Cohen

Animal Movements are part of the functional natural movements that we teach at Wild Forest Gym Obstacle Course Racing, which are key skills when obstacle racing.

In this edition of ORM we look at the bear crawl, which is a quadrupedal movement i.e. a movement that uses all four limbs. Continue reading

Optimize your Obstacle Racing with Functional Natural Movement

Our training is focused around ‘Functional Natural Movement’ as a way of developing the body to its full potential in regard to its agility, flexibility, dexterity, co-ordination, strength and power.

‘Functional Natural Movement’ is the synergy of ‘functional movement’ with that of ‘natural movement’ in order to maximize functionality of your body in regard to locomotion skills, manipulative skills and safety skills.locomotion skills Continue reading

What does it mean to be a MovNat Coach


MovNat (pronounced Move Nat) is a renowned institution that is highly respected and recognized by anyone in the field of natural movement.

MovNat was started by founder, Erwan Le Corre in the forest. Before founding MovNat, Erwan spent a lifetime pursuing a true fitness. From France to Brazil, Jujitsu to Georges Hebert, he studied and synthesized ancient fitness methodologies into what is now known as Natural Movement Fitness. MovNat is the result.

I similarly found myself in the forest, and only once I came across Erwan’s work that I realised that I wasn’t out there on my own. In fact there are thousands around the world, whom subscribe to similar principles all be it under different labels. Continue reading