Building your Race Calendar & Training Plan

 planning race calendar

Why did you buy that race ticket?

Time to plan your Race Calendar

By Coach Michael, coach to WildForestGym Elite Racers

Published December 2016 Obstacle Race Magazine


How many of you runners just buy a ticket because it was an earlybird price or because your mates are doing it. This article is aimed at the seasoned and elite runner rather than the fun runner, who should book as many fun runs as possible, but in balance. As always we look to our OCR Training Expert Coach Michael, for some expert guidance as to how to build your  race calendar and make sure it is purposeful and helps you to achieve your goals.

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Cold Water Weather Workshop

Cold Water Training Workshop

WEATHER ALERTS – 30th November 2016. Temperatures -6 degrees in Essex. DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE cold water and cold winds.

Meet Coach Michael expert Cold Water & Cold Weather Acclimatisation Trainer to get you ready for your winter OCR races.

Time: 12noon – 2pm
Venue: WildForestGym, hosted at Nuclear Races, Brentwood, Essex.

Sun 11th December 2016
Sun 15th January 2017
Sun 12th February 2017

FUTURE WORKSHOP DATES – Click here to enquire

VIRTUAL SKYPE WORKSHOP – Can’t make it to Essex join our live virtual Skype hook up and join our Cold Water Workshop with Q&A.

Wild Forest Jam Series

WildForestJam v.3 Team Challenge

WildForestJam v.3 ***TEAM CHALLENGE***

Bank Holiday Monday 2nd May 2016

Bank Holiday Monday 29th August 2016

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Team Size 4 (mixed or gender)

Team types – Elite, Age Group & Fun Teams

Teams – Only 25 so get booking

Ticket Price £99 for 4 tickets

After the success of 2015 WildForestJams which everyone loved, we have decided we want to give you more. So we present to you WildForestJam v.3 TEAM CHALLENGE.

Missed 2015 WildForestJam check out the video its awesome!


This is how it works:

  • 1 day event.
  • Team relays.
  • Team challenges.
  • Course route includes:
    • 2.3k Obstacle course with 36 Obstacles.
    • 346m Jump Course with 32 technical Jump.
    • 1.6k Trail run.
  • Heats, Semis & finals.
  • Specified recovery period between each round.
  • Coveted WildForestJam LEGENDS oak stump for Team Champions.
  • Special team prize for team who puts their heart and soul into the WildForestJam.
  • Every team runner will get a Legends medal.
  • Race rules will be published in advance.

Missed WildForestJam 2015 Series? Here is the video to justify you not wanting to miss WildForestJam 2016 


Ticket only £99 click here.

Ticket with BBQ £119 click here.

Don’t let an obstacle be your Nemesis!

It’s countdown to Nuclear Rush. Now is the last chance to overcome your obstacle nemesis. Don’t be humiliated, don’t suffer forfeits we want you to do your best! As official Nuclear Races training partner Wild Forest Gym hosted at Nuclear Races are here to get you RACE READY!!! Receive expert guidance with Coach Michael and conqueror your nemesis! Continue reading

Launch Open Weekend at Nuclear Races

Launch Open Weekend


Sat 7th & Sun 8th March

After 4 long winter months of construction at Nuclear Races, we are pleased to announce the launch of the WILD FOREST GYM, Natural Movement Fitness & Obstacle Training Centre.

This is your opportunity to experience outdoor fitness re-invented in an amazing 20-acre forest with:

PLUS you get to enjoy the fresh air, experience nature, whilst getting fit & race ready. Come with  your friends and meet other Nukers, runners and obstacle racers. It’s inspiring, it is friendly, and lots of fun. Open 6 days a week.

Come and  explore, play and get some free tasters.

BOOK your FREE Open Weekend ticket now! LIMITED SPACES.

p.s. it always fun to be with your friends so post event on facebook

My story about Cold Weather OCR racing

cold water acclimatisation training

In 2013 hundreds and hundreds of racers experienced hypothermia. I know that on 29th January I was racing at Tough Guy. All was going well. Got to the hill climbs and was flying around. Did a check with another racer to see how tough the obstacle was and he said it is the 2nd hardest. Thought wow, doing well. He said the hardest is the cold and the water. Fortunately I had spent a month doing cold water Training in -8 degrees, so felt pretty prepared. I new it was going to be challenging , but hadn’t realised to what extent. Whether it was ‘Walking the plank’, full body immersions or wading through an ice field of 2cm thick ice for 100m up to your chest/neck, knowing that you had to turn around at the end and go all the way back. It was shocking, it was testing.

Cold Water Training

Even OCR champion Thomas Blanc passed out and shipped off in an ambulance. But one of the hardest aspects was getting caught up in slow moving regions of the Killing Field. Being out of the water, hit by the winds and hail stones just drew every bit of heat out of your body. It tested and tested you. God knows what it would have been like with out the Cold Water Acclimatisation Training. Can’t tell you the amount of racers falling by the wayside because of the cold. The amount of in correctly kitted out runners and those that had done very little preparation.

In March 2013 only 6 racers completed the 4 laps at The Nuts Challenge due to water and cold temeperatures that even put World Champion Jonathan Albon out of the race. At the end of March I was racing at the Reaper, in Pippingford Park and it was snowing.


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