Wild Forest Jam Series

WildForestJam v.3 Team Challenge

WildForestJam v.3 ***TEAM CHALLENGE***

Bank Holiday Monday 2nd May 2016

Bank Holiday Monday 29th August 2016

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Team Size 4 (mixed or gender)

Team types – Elite, Age Group & Fun Teams

Teams – Only 25 so get booking

Ticket Price £99 for 4 tickets

After the success of 2015 WildForestJams which everyone loved, we have decided we want to give you more. So we present to you WildForestJam v.3 TEAM CHALLENGE.

Missed 2015 WildForestJam check out the video its awesome!


This is how it works:

  • 1 day event.
  • Team relays.
  • Team challenges.
  • Course route includes:
    • 2.3k Obstacle course with 36 Obstacles.
    • 346m Jump Course with 32 technical Jump.
    • 1.6k Trail run.
  • Heats, Semis & finals.
  • Specified recovery period between each round.
  • Coveted WildForestJam LEGENDS oak stump for Team Champions.
  • Special team prize for team who puts their heart and soul into the WildForestJam.
  • Every team runner will get a Legends medal.
  • Race rules will be published in advance.

Missed WildForestJam 2015 Series? Here is the video to justify you not wanting to miss WildForestJam 2016 


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Ticket with BBQ £119 click here.