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Mixed Ability Group Class

Group Classes

Every week we hold regular Mixed Ability Fitness Training Classes. These classes are targeted at those of you who want to attend regular classes once or twice or more per week.

Using Natural Movement Training Techniques we will have you fit and healthy. Come and training with other regular Wild Foresters in the ever changing wonders of the forest.

Classes will include body weight exercises, dynamic movements and cardio training to get your heart pumping. Because this is a mixed ability group session each trainee will be allocated into different ability groups so that you are training within your means and for those more able will aspire to move up to the next ability group.

Classes will utilise a range of apparatus at Wild Forest Gym including the freestyle arena, The Twister, Hang Tough Bars, The Snakes, The Twister, The Jump Arena & Course and the Obstacle Course and trail runs.

Click here for the timetable and bookings


Skills Masterclasses

Here at Wild Forest Gym ”We do not do brute force…WE DO TECHNIQUE’. Anyone can get through, over and around an obstacle using brute force. In fact some would say you only have to do well at at an obstacle race, adventure race or simply a trail or cross country race. Masterclasses are targeted for those looking to learn/develop a technique and for those looking to optimize their technique and performance.

Learning a Skill – Skills Masterclasses are ideal for you if you feel you need to learn a technique or whether you need to refine it.

Optimizing a Skill – As we have experienced with TEAM Wild Forest Gym we can attribute to the success of our racers is based on the refinement of technique, agility, balance, flexibility, co-ordination and transition that can make a good runner into a top runner. Whether you are looking for a PB or wanted to head the table in your age group or as an elite runner our Skills Masterclasses is what going to define you as a racer and give you the edge over your competitors.

With all our Skill Masterclasses we analyse your existing form and start to break it down and look at how it can be refined, tweaked or learnt so as to optimize you as an individual, based on you body type, shape and current performances. Just remember you are only as good as the way your mind and body is currently wired /trained. We believe in no limits, sometimes it is the mind that needs re-wiring/re-training other times it is the body. In most cases it is both!

Click here for the timetable and bookings


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