Coach Michael

Our team is led by OCR & Natural Movement training expert Coach Michael, Head Coach to multiple winning elite OCR racers and former Head Coach to the national obstacle team, OCR Team UK and to Spartan Race.

Coach Michael is fastidious about developing good foundations in regard to how you can optimize the way you can move and manipulate your  body whether it is for general fitness, sports specificity or technical obstacle racing.

Specialists fields:

Obstacle Training Natural Movement Fitness Natural Running Training

Coaching is focused on 4 elements so as to develop both newbies all the way through to elite racers:

Fitness & Conditioning  Running form, body weight fitness – strength, agility, co-ordination and flexibility skills to : hang, lift, carry, crawl, traverse, throw, catch and grip.
Technical Skills Replacing brute force for technique.
Fluidity & Transitioning Gracefulness, momentum, fluidity, ease, efficiency, fuel economy & transitioning.
Obstacle STRESS Training  Race simulation training and more advanced skills…

Are you an aspiring/elite racer?

Coach Michael has been responsible for inspiring, developing and building some of the UK’s established and up and coming OCR racers. His objectives with his coaching is to  coach, mentor and mould future elite champions and age group racers including juniors. If you are looking to fulfill your full potential and achieve your goals then you are in the right place.

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