Group Sessions


Group Sessions


** Updated 2o November 2014**

Day Time Location
Monday 19:00 – 20:30 Harrow, NW London/Middx
Tuesday 06:45 – 08:00 Harrow, NW London/Middx
Thursday 19:00 – 20:30 Harrow, NW London/Middx
Saturday 09:00 – 10:30 Harrow, NW London/Middx
Sunday 09:00 – 10:30 Nuclear Races, Brentwood, Essex


Membership Cost Saving Book NOW!
Unlimited Membership. £99 (£8* per class) Save up to 60%* Click here
Monthly Membership – 1 class per week £65 (£15 per class) Save 25% Click here
Essex Monthly Membership – 1 class per week £43 (£10 per class) Save 33% Click here
PAYG (1 class) Pass £20 Click here
Essex PAYG (1 class) Pass £15 Click here

*Calculated on attending 3 sessions per week

Your Group, Your Venue & Your Timetable

Do you have a forest or woodland that you would like to see a group session? If you can gather a small group together then we can consider it.

13 thoughts on “Group Sessions

  1. Hi. We are four guys that are doing tough mudder at the end of October. …We may look to join your group sessions in Harrow. Would you offer us a reduced price if all four of us joined for two months? Regards

  2. Hello, im looking for some beginners training for me and a friend or 2 as we have been invited to do the dirty rat race 2015. and we have never done anything like it.
    we would be looking at coming to the nearest place which is epping do you have prices for epping and a time table.
    thank you

    • Thank you for your enquiry about training for Rat Race. We have training every Sunday 0830-1000 in Epping. Use this link to check out the timetable and booking.

      Looking forward to training with you and your friends.

      Coach Michael

  3. Hi, I have read your running training informations about natural running and all. I would like to ask, if i joined and in my first group class, would i be able to learn to correct my running form before i go further more training for obstacles? as i have been injured because of my incorrect running form and would mainly want to develop on this. And also, about the prices, £65 per month with training once a week, what about the unlimited membership, is it £99 per month and can join the classes as much as i want every week?

    And how do i get to know which kind of training you are doing for those days? is there any training plan for your class? how would i know?

    Looking forward to hear from you soon!

    Take cares, Happy Run !


    • Hi Olivia

      On Monday evening with have a Natural Running Session in Harrow 1830 – 2000. So this would be a great starting point. Thereafter you can attend any of our weekly sessions which will include a range of techniques including:including: jumping, running, climbing, lifting. carrying, throwing, balancing and of course safety skills such as falls, rolls and landing.

      In regard to what the training focus is for that week you will receive a periodic newsletter. To see our timetable please visit this link.

      To book Please click on this link and select which membership your would like:

      £99 monthly membership (unlimited) up to 60%* off PAYG Pass
      £65 monthly membership (1 class per week) 20% off PAYG pass
      £20 PAYG (1 class) Pass

      Looking forward to training with you.

      Coach Michael

  4. Hi there.
    Is your training session at nuclear races every Sunday? Is there one this Sunday?
    Do you have to book or can you turn up and pay on the day?

    • Hi Darren

      Yes we are at Nuclear Races every weekend and yes we are there this weekend and we are doing the 120 meters Gorilla Bars. To book use this link

      Looking forward to training with you.

      Coach Michael

  5. Hoping to book on for one of your sessions on Sunday 14th December. Is there a link I need to follow to do this?
    Thank you.

  6. Hi Christie

    Do you run classes at Swinley Forest in Bracknell? I’ve received a leaflet about classes running there but I’m unable to see any classes showing for this location.
    I’m thinking of doing some classes so I can decide if I want to do a ‘mudder’ styled race.

    Thanks Karen

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