Obstacle Experience/Induction Booking Registration

Your nearly there to completing your booking. We just need to ask a few questions and you will be ready to come and experience all the fun/training here at WildForestGym. It will take just 5 minutes.

***IMPORTANT*** If your booking is for more than one person then you will need to copy this link and complete a form for each person.

Registration Form

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Your Booking

What have you booked?


If your booking is to redeem a voucher or offer please insert details below.

Are you part of a group/team booking? If so please can we have the organiser’s or at least one other name in your group/team.

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Your Details


Contact Details

We require at least one telephone number.

In the case of emergency your contact person is:

How did you hear about Wild Forest Gym?

Free Newsletter

We send out a monthly e-newsletter updating you with information about camp, training and news. If you wish to opt out please email info@wildforestgym.com.

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PAR-Q (Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire)

Nearly there…



If you answered:

Yes to one or more questions

  • Talk with your doctor before you start becoming much more physically active and before you start training. Tell your doctor about the PAR-Q, your intended training and which question(s) you answered YES.

Change in health

  • If your health changes so that you then answer YES to any of the above questions, consult your doctor. Similarly, if at any stage your details change, then it is your responsibility to complete a new PAR-Q Form.

Booking/Membership Terms and Conditions


Please read the following documents before proceeding with your Induction/Taster Session:

  • The full Disclaimer which includes ‘Risk Factors’ click here.
  • The Booking/Membership Full Terms and Conditions click here.

Thank you for completing your Registration booking form.


13 thoughts on “Obstacle Experience/Induction Booking Registration

  1. I’m coming down with a group of friends on 12/4/16 and have book my taster at 12:00. When my friends book, will we all be in the same taster group?

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