WildOnes Obstacle Club

kids obstacle clubWelcome to our fun packed Kids Obstacle Club

What’s on!

Kids do you want to have fun and adventure in our amazing forest, where you can get you fit…strong…fast…and have loads and loads of fun with friends?

At the Kids Obstacle Club you can learn to climb ropes…jump over walls…cross the monkey bars… and swing on the hang tough rings.

Plus you will be awarded OCR Skills Badges every time you learn and develop your skills…climbing…jumping…balancing…crawling…carrying…lifting…running…and lots more!Coach Michael

Hey kids not only do you get to have a coach, but you get to have Coach Michael, who is head coach to our National OCR Team and TEAM WildForestGym elite obstacle racers. Parents, just to say all coaches and assistant coaches are DBS/CRB checked.

Club Activities

  • Weekly After School Club  more details…more details.
  • School Holiday & Weekends…more details.
  • Kids Birthday Parties…more details.
  • OCR Skill Badges – Here is your opportunity to be awarded obstacle skill badges as you learn a new skill like the monkey bars, rope climbs and lots more. Each skill has 3 badge levels from beginners upwards.
  • Obstacle jams where you can run and race around our obstacle and jump courses on your own and in team activities.
  • Fun games – British Bulldog, tug of war, forest hunts…and lots more.
  • Team activities – Want to be a leader…want to work as a team member? Here’s your opportunity to shine and be amongst friends, whilst adventuring and having fun.
  • Sports Leadership – We will be running our own sports leadership programme for those children wanting to mentor and help younger or less able children.

Club Facilities

  • Obstacle course with 38 obstacles for you to jump, balance, swing, lift, carry, crawl, climb up…through…over…and under.
  • WildForestGym Junior OCR TEAM – Think you are good enough to race then you can trial for our TEAM!
  • Jump Course with 32 jumps – this has every type of jump you could dream for…even includes water jumps and infinity jumps as well as basic ones.
  • Outdoor Gym – where you can balance, crawl under and frog leap over, climb over
  • Slackline – Hey kids it won’t be long until you do aerial flips..well at least in the beginning we will have you walking the line!
  • Log and tyre throwing, lifting and pulling – You wanna be strong!


After School Clubs

Day Time Price Availability Booking Details
Monday 4.30pm – 5.30pm £6 Places avail Click here
Thursday 4.30pm – 5.30pm £6 Soon to be launched Enquire


1st Session Click here to pay and book.

Term Booking – After the 1st session bookings are made by the school term. Please email your start date to info@wildforestgym.com and we will calculate the term booking fee for the remaining part of the term. Closed during half terms and school holidays.


School Holidays & Weekends

Kids you just want more…so more you get! How would you like to spend school holidays with your friends here at the Kids Obstacle Club.

Family Days Out

You can bring the kids down and do an induction with them and then you can all play on the obstacles. Cost is £15 per adult & £10 per child. Click here for more.

1-2-1 & Private Group Sessions

You can book a 1-2-1 or a private group session. This can be for both adult and children or just children alone. The sessions will be a tailored class based around the ability/needs of the participants. We guarantee obstacle, fun, more fun and mud is optional.

90-mins Sessions – The base cost is £55 for 1 participant and an extra £10 per additional participant i.e  a 3-2-1 session is £75 (£25 each).

2hr Sessions – The base cost is £73 for 1 participant and an extra £13 per additional participant so a 3-2-1 session is £99 (£33 each).

Groups of 10 or more – This can be a mixture of adults and kids. Cost for a 2hr session is £17 each.

To book and enquire please click here.


Need to know

  • Coaches are DBS/CRB checked.
  • Club Hub – We have a a brand new heated hub lounge, with outside and indoor seating. We have healthy refreshments and drinks on sale in the hub.
  • Changing rooms – We have brand new separate male and female changing rooms, toilets and hot showers.
  • Whatever the weather – Just like football club will be open whether it is raining, snowing, hot or cold. We just dress for the weather and have even more fun.
  • Headtorches – If you think you can have fun in the daylight wait until you get to do club with your headtorches…so much fun!
  • Club kit – We have training shirts and t-shirts for sale and recommendations for footwear.


4 thoughts on “WildOnes Obstacle Club

  1. Hi Michael,
    I am looking for a holiday summer camp for my daughter aged 14 during July or August. Do you provide it?

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