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Booking your Class.

Below is the class timetable. Choose your class then complete the form.

Class Timetable

Day Times Class Level
Monday 7.00pm – 8.30pm Running Class Advanced
Tuesday 9.45am – 10.45am Outdoor Fitness Class Mixed Ability
Wednesday 6.30pm – 7.15pm Running Class Returning to Fitness
Wednesday 7.15pm – 8.15pm Outdoor Fitness Class Mixed Ability
Thursday 7.00pm – 8.30pm Running Class Running
Saturday 11.00am-12.30pm Outdoor Fitness Class Mixed Ability
1.00pm – 3.00pm Obstacle Skills Class Mixed Ability
Sunday 11.00am-12.30pm Outdoor Fitness Class Advanced
1.00pm – 3.00pm Obstacle Skills Class Advanced

Mixed Ability Classes – These classes are suitable for beginners and regular trainees as they are tailored so that all abilities are challenged to the appropriate level.

Advanced Classes are designed to be more technical with more advanced techniques, speed, power and/or distance depending on the appropriateness to a class.

Are you suitable for Advanced Classes?

  • Advanced Obstacle Skills Classes are suitable for seasoned obstacle runners whom have the ability to traverse monkey bars, hang tough rings as well as climb ropes and jump walls.
  • Advanced Running Classes are suited for more seasoned runners. As an indicator as to whether you would be suitable for these classes you should be able to run a 5k trail run in around 27 mins i.e. 5.5 min/km.
  • Advanced Natural Movement Classes are suited for those whom have a general good level of fitness.

Obstacle Skills Classes – Each week we focus on specific obstacle skills. Skills include: Monkey Bars, Rope Climbing, Walls, Irish Table, Parallel bars, Hand Tough Rings, 1/4 pipe or Jump Skills. To find out what skill are on a specific weekend email

Registration Form

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Booking your Class(s)

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How did you hear about Wild Forest Gym?

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PAR-Q (Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire)

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Please let us know your goal, event or reason for training

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The last few questions…


If you answered:

Yes to one or more questions

  • Talk with your doctor by phone or in person before you start becoming much more physically active and before you start training. Tell your doctor about the PAR-Q, your intended training and which question(s) you answered YES.
  • You may be able to do any activity you want as long as you start slowly and build up gradually. Or, you may need to restrict your activities to those which are safe for you. Talk with your doctor about the kinds of activities you wish to participate in and follow his/her advise.

No to all questions

If you answered NO honestly to all PAR-Q questions, you can be reasonably sure that you can:

  • Start becoming more physically active – begin slowly and build up gradually. This is the safest and easiest way to go.
  • Take part in an exploratory session to use as a fitness appraisal – this is an excellent way to determine your basic fitness so that you can plan the best way for you to live actively.

Delay becoming much more active:

  • If you are not feeling well because of a temporary illness such as a cold or fever – wait until you feel better.
  • If you are pregnant – talk to your doctor before you start becoming more active.
  • If your health changes so that you then answer YES to any of the above questions, consult your doctor. Similarly, if at any stage your details change, then it is your responsibility to complete a new PAR-Q Form.

Membership Terms and Conditions


Please read the following documents before proceeding with your free trial:

  • The full Disclaimer which includes ‘Risk Factors’ click here.
  • The Membership Full Terms and Conditions click here.

Thank you for completing your Registration booking form.


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