Natural Movement Fitness

Here at WildForestGym we are more interested in you being able to lift your body more than just lifting barbells and doing dead lifts. For us it is all about functional fitness teaching you how to lift your own body weight with ease and fluidity. Similarly how to carry it, jump with it, climb up with it, traverse it, crawl with it and balance with it and most importantly how you run with it…welcome to Natural Movement Fitness.

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trail running training

jump skills

We take our inspiration from animals, the kings of the jungle when it comes to movement, agility, co-ordination, flexibilty and body weight transfer.

Training in the forest is breathtaking as you listen to the sounds of nature as you get to experience the wild environment amongst like minded people as you crawl, walk, run and transition smoothly around through and around it. Hidden amongst it is our unique handcrafted Natural Movement Fitness Gym.

Whether you are a child or adult these are the fundamental skills to movement and manipulation of objects around you. Every one of these vital skills optimize your ability to perform and function, may it be: obstacle racing, adventure racing, endurance racing, trail running or general fitness.

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