Natural Running Technique Training

natural running

Natural Running Technique Training is focused on how you can optimize the way your were born to run by:

  • LEARNING correct natural running form.
  • REDUCING injuries.
  • INCREASING fuel economy.
  • REDUCING discomfort, aches and pains.
  • INCREASING enjoyment.
  • OPTIMIZING performance.

We teach natural running techniques based on  the principles of  Dr Nicholas Romanov’s POSE Method of Running & MovNat Natural Running Techniques.

For me there is  distinct difference between just running and optimizing your running performance. What defines my methodology is the way I look at your posture, running gait, and your whole body communication and movement.  Then it is time to synergise how you connect with the terrain and trails by increasing your awareness, perception, and sensitivity to it. The outcome is optimal efficiency, performance, power and speed.  Coach Michael

movnat certifiedCoach Michael is a Certified MovNat Coach, and is proud to be part of this renowned institution that is highly respected and recognized by anyone in the field of natural movement.

What is distinguishable about Coach Michael is his understand of postural integrity, flow and communication and full body functionality when it comes to optimizing your running form.

We specialise in runners also wanting to:

  • Develop trail and forest running techniques
  • Transition from heal striking to mid foot striking.
  • Transition from road running to trail running.
  • Transition to minimalist shoes and barefoot running.
  • Develop night time & head torch trail running skills.

Rehabilitation & Injury Recovery

Natural Running Techniques breaks down your current running form and physical limitations with a view to increasing your rehabilitation, whilst simultaneously developing and re-program your memory patterns in your muscles, bones and your mind.

There is a strong focus on developing strong stability muscles, increased range of movement, good posture alignment and communication and an all body running form.

This approach to rehabilitation lead to a new natural running form in the way that you were born to run, which is efficient and effective and preventative to future exposure to injury.

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2 thoughts on “Natural Running Technique Training

  1. MIchael – Thank-you again for your tips prior to Nuclear Rush, the points you made about not crossing my arms over my torso when running have been the most useful of the many useful pointers you have given me, and the most difficult to integrate!
    Whenever my mind has wandered when running I have found myself coming back to readjust this, and my shoulders are definitely letting me know about it!

    • My pleasure. It is just great when everything slots into gear. Can’t tell you how many times trainees say to me they can hear my voice in hteir heads reminding them to elongate the spine or to check the direction of their arms.

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