Running Training

At WildForestGym we offer coached running sessions for all abilities:


Beginners and ‘Returning to Running’ Coaching

Do you find running challenging? Uncomfortable? Not enjoyable?

Most people like you were not ‘Born to Run’ but need to ‘Learn to Run’. This is how you can get back to fitness and enjoy running again.

It may not be easy but everyone has a starting point and we will make it as enjoyable as is possible. It will get easier as you work from 1k and all the way up to 5k and beyond. We will work on your posture and running technique to start to reduce the aches, pains and to make running more comfortable and fun.

No more boring roads…no more hard pavements…instead come and explore our 20 acres of beautiful forest trails and listen to the birds sing rather than the sound and pollution from the cars.

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Seasoned & Advanced Running Coaching

What’s your goal? How much do you want to achieve or exceed it?

Usain Bolt, Mo Farah were ‘Born to Run’ but the likelihood that you like me have to ‘Learn to Run’ to optimize our running. This is where the fun starts because not only does running become more fun, but you get to optimize your speed and overall performance. What I am talking about is teaching you how to run with the terrain rather than just on it.

Advanced Training Coaching are tailored to the needs of each runner whether they are looking to develop their form, transition from road running or transition into more minimalist shoes.

Using video anlaysi, we will break down your current running form and technicallly rebuild it and integrate advanced techniques to develop speed, power and/or distance.

At Wild Forest Gym we use Natural Running Training will  teach you about posture, ground contact and ways to develop your running skills to improve your comfort zone and enjoyment. Our methodology is the way we look at your posture, running gait, and your whole body communication and movement. In addition your connectivity with the terrain and trails by increasing your awareness, perception, and sensitivity to it. The outcome is optimal efficiency, performance, power and speed.


Transitioning & Rehab

We also specialise in those runners looking to:

  • Transition from heal striking to mid foot striking.
  • Transition from road running to trail running.
  • Transition to minimalist shoes and barefoot running.
  • Develop night time & head torch trail running skills.
  • Rehabilitation & Injury Recovery.

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