Open Training Camps

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Looking to immerse yourself into your training?

Obstacle Course Challenges will test every fibre in you! Wild Forest Gym Obstacle Course Training coach and founder Michael Cohen will put you through your strides with structured and intensive coaching to make sure you are Race FIT…Race SAFE…Race READY. There are no compromises! Survival is of the fittest in mind and body.

Now is the time to prepare…plan… and train!

Open Training Camps

Open training camps are for contenders of all obstacle course challenges.

Spartan Race Mud Runner The Avalanche Run Tuff Man Trail Run Sole Destroyer Legends of Sherwood Forest Runners Need G3 Brooks Hell Runner Night Terror Go Insane Dirt Run Duathlon Major Series Tough Nutz Yorkshire Terror Night Back to the Trenches No Ego Challenge Devil’s Challenge The Mighty Deerstalker The Reaper Night Run Rock Solid Race Night Terror Demon Run Farmyard Frolics Horseplay Snake Pits Challenge Hell on the Harbourside The Nuts Challenge Mud Runner The Reaper Trailman Trail Run The Wolf Run Wild Thing The Beast Commando Course of Action

Training Camps

All  Training Camps will focus on the three core elements, Race Fit…Race Safe…Race Ready.

From Core Skills to Advanced Skills and finishing with Race Skills Training Days all the training skills will be progressive.

Training camps can be booked individually or with a membership.

Our Venues

We train in the wild…heavily ridged…rooted…muddy… and awesome Swinley Forest in Bracknell,  Ruislip Woods in Ruislip,  Epping in Essex. Each has been chosed for their most perfect terrain for obstacle course training! We never compromise! You get the best!

Bracknell Camp Swinley Forest, Bracknell
Ruislip Camp Ruislip Woods, Ruislip
Epping Camp Epping, Essex

Specialist Camps

tough_mudder_logo_2 Training Camps for Tough Mudders
WFG obstacle course Training certified spartan coaches Spartan Race Training Camps
tough guy Mucky Races Combe Gibbet to Overton Tough Mudder Endurer Dash The Pain Barrier Men’s Health Survival of the Fittest Xtreme Storm Outdoor Fitness Warrior Run Mad Monk Whole Hog Kamikaze Rat Race Dirty Weekender Zombie Run Lactic Rush The General Race Grim Challenge On Trial Xtreme Running Commando Challenge Zest Challenge Pain & Suffering Back 2 the trenches Water Wipeout The JCB Mud Run Tough Guy Nettle Warrior Tough Warrior Stockton on Tees River Rat Race The Summer Beast Road Block Run Yorkshire Warrior Challenge The Witches’ Revenge The Dirty Dozen

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