Tyre Wall
Parallel Bars
Tyre Cawl
Inverted Walls 6ft, 7ft, 8ft
A-Frame scramble net climb
A-Frame inverted ninja scramble net climb
45ft & 90ft Traverse lines
Log Carry
Log Carry Balance Beam
The Ledge/Irish Table
Sternum Checker/OCR Kiss
Hoisted weight lift
Tyre Mangle
Sandbag crossing
Scramble net crawl
Mega Rig – 40 holds
Inverted/Pitched Monkey Bars
Inverted Scramble net traverse
Blast Wall
Destroyer – 12ft arms only wall climb
Blast jumper
Vertical Weaver
Frog Leap Vertical Jumper
7 mtr Rope Climbs
5 hanging rope traverse
Rope swing with hurdle
Peg Wall
Cliff Hanger – wall/rope traverse
5 Rope Ascent/Decent Traverse
Leaning Walls 6ft, 7ft, 8ft
32 Technical Jumps
Rope Ladder Climb