The Coaches

Head Coach

Michael Cohen

Michael Cohen founder and Natural Movement Teacher

“Functional Natural Movement combined with my passion for being out in the forests, is what fulfils me as a coach to inspire those around me. The forest to me is like my second home. It is a place I feel at such ease with. Any opportunity to spend time in it: training, climbing, trail running, walking, obstacle racing, mountain biking or wild camping with my son, then that is where you will find me. My purpose is to educate my athletes and trainees by taking their weaknesses and their strengths and move them beyond past boundaries and limitations,  whilst simultaneously teaching them how their body’s functionality can be optimized and mastered.”

My personal training is very instinctual. The more I spend time in the forest the more it evolves, as does my coaching. A lot of my inspiration and insight comes from leading experts in the field of ‘natural movement’ Erwan Le Corre, founder of MovNat natural movement and Dr Nicholas Romanov, founder of the POSE Method of natural running & movement…read more.

Sports Yoga Teacher

Joanne Cohen

Joanne Cohen

Yoga is so synonymous with sportsmen, sportswomen, athletes and runners that virtually every professional sportsperson out there incorporates yoga into their training plans. So this is where I come in! I offer yoga to increase flexibity…especially the hamstrings; balance and co-ordination to increase your agility; and core strength for those abdominals. Plus time to breathe, centre and focus…read more.

Resident Nutrition Writer

Jennifer Novakovich

Jennifer Novakovich

I graduated with a double major in Nutrition and Neutraceutical Sciences and Zoology. I work as a both a nutritionist and nutrition writer for a number of avenues. I have been a vegetarian for as long as I can remember and a vegan since 2012. I am particularly interested in topics related to plant-based diets as well as implications of westernised diets. Aside from nutrition I am an avid rock climber and fitness enthusiast.…read more.

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