About Coach Michael

Michael Cohen founder and Natural Movement Teacher

“Functional Natural Movement combined with my passion for being out in the forests, is what fulfils me as a coach to inspire those around me. The forest to me is like my second home. It is a place I feel at such ease with. Over the years any opportunity to spend time in it I would be: training, climbing, trail running, walking, obstacle racing, mountain biking or wild camping with my son.

My endeavours is to educate my trainees by taking their weaknesses and their strengths and move them beyond past boundaries and limitations,  whilst simultaneously teaching them how their body’s functionality can be optimized and mastered.”

My personal training is very instinctual. The more I spend time in the forest the more it evolves, as does my teaching. The forest has all the natural elements and terrain of obstacle course challenges. I personally train their 6-days a week developing and fine tuning techniques and training methods to share with obstacle course contenders and those interested in functional natural movement training.

Michael Cohen Obstacle Racing

Photo Mykel Nicolaou

A lot of my inspiration and insight comes from leading experts in the field of ‘natural movement’ Erwan Le Corre, founder of MovNat natural movement and Dr Nicholas Romanov, founder of the POSE Method of natural running & movement.

Being a coach isn’t just about training the physical body. Coaching is about teaching and developing the entrainment of the physical, mind, emotions, intellectual and spiritual aspect of an athlete. Understanding how the body functions, moves, communicates, its interconnectivity  and flow.

Michael Cohen Obstacle Racing

Photo Mykel Nicolaou

Just as much as I teach specific sport techniques and skills for the needs of that athlete, it is about teaching them about their body, it’s posture, balance, stability, agility and and how it can be mastered and optimized to positively affects power, strength and speed.

I am a MovNat certified coach. Head Coach for OCR Team UK (National Team). Head Coach & Manager to TEAM Wild Forest Gym, elite OCR racing team. Head  Coach & Manager to Thomas Blanc, Spartan Race Champion 2013. Former Head Coach for Spartan Race UK, Founder of Spartan Training UK [formerly Spartan Race Training UK], Founder of The Bioenergy Treatment Technique and Bioenergy Sports Performance. LIRF qualified with England Athletics, part of UK Athletics. Qualified in Sports Physiology 1D at Manchester Metropolitan University. OCN Level 4 and NCFE Level 4 Personal Fitness Trainer.

My Story

Since 2002 I have been pushing my personal boundaries in respect to physical and sports performance having experienced a lifetime of spinal disabilities. This culminated on 24 September 2011, in me competing in the UK British Triathlon Championship XT Triathlon with a PB.

Triathlon SwimTriathlon BikeTriathlon Run

My spinal disabilities started at the age of 14-years-old. I had to battle debilitating pain and restrictive movement for 20 years. These included: 3 degenerative discs T12, L1 and L4, Scoliosis, Sheuermann’s Disease. hyper-mobility, RSI and Sciatica. These limited me physically, emotionally and psychologically.

In 2002 I decided to explore ways to improve my own health and wellbeing through alternative therapies. This started a long journey of exploration into the dynamics of the human body and its electromagnetic circuitry system that led to me developing The Bioenergy Treatment Technique and Bioenergy Sports Performance Technique (Founder and Master Instructor).

For 10 years I have undertaken self-treatment using the Bioenergy Treatment Technique day-in day-out. This has led to me making a full recovery (defying every Orthopaedic Surgeon!) by overcome all of my past physical disabilities -physically and mentally.

I have become a more complete and able person on all levels: physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual, instinctual and energy.michael bouldering Culminating in me pushing every conceivable barrier, boundary and limitation to be the person whom I am today. Now in my mid-forties, I feel like I am only just coming into my prime!.

This gives me inspiration to continue to strive forward on a personal level and inspire others through my teachings.

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