Race FIT

Spartan Race Obstacle

Race FIT is a core aspect to all Wild Forest Gym Obstacle Race Training Camps.

From Core Skills to Advanced Skills and finishing with Race Skills all the training camps will be progressive.

You will be trained and challenged with the appropriate skills. We have training groups of

  • Beginners – Beginners & Newbies
  • Advanced – Seasoned and Die-hards

Train with experts, coaches and be amongst other like -minded people and racers.

Obstacle Course Training is not about letting you loose on an obstacle course. It is about exposing you to the similar environment of your up and coming obstacle race and teaching you all the skills that you will need to use and taking your fitness levels beyond your current abilities.

Are you looking just to finish? Are you after a PB? Are you looking for a spot on the podium? We will make you in to a warrior?

Together contenders & coaches we will be united, we will be bonded we will make you all Warriors!

Race FIT Training

Training is progressive and you will be grouped with other contenders of similar abilities.

Training sessions will include:

Spartan Functional Natural Movement Training ‘Functional Natural Movements. Learn to climb, jump, throw, lift, balance, crawl, carry, catch and run…read more.
Spartan Race Strength & Endurance Training
Learn how to develop maximum strength, elastic strength and strength endurance. Plus endurance training will develop your body’s energy systems to meet the demands of your obstacle race.
Spartan Race Obstacle Course Training Dedicated Obstacle Course Skills training.
Spartan Race Terrain & Orienteering Training Terrain and Orienteering TrainingTraining for the unknown and unknowable aspects to obstacle courses – terrain, mud, water, trenches, natural obstacles and hazards.
Spartan Race Mud Training Mud training. 100% mud until it is your best friend!
Spartan Race Water Wading Water wading & acclimatising training. Boy you will need it for race day!
Spartan Race All Weather Training All-weather training in the cold, rain, snow, ice, sun and heat. You will not know what the British weather has for you until race day. We will teach you how to train for all eventualities!

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