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Welcome to our fun packed Obstacle Activity Centre for Beavers, Girl GuidingBrownies, Cubs, Scouts & Guides.


Check out these videos of the kids & teenagers in action:

Animals are the king of the jungle when it comes to movement. It’ time for the children to explore the animal inside of them at WildForestGym, WINNER of THE Mudstacle Awards 2015 for ‘Best Training Centre’ in the UK.

WildForestGym is hosted at Nuclear Races in Brentwood, Essex and is set in 20 acres of beautiful forest that provides the setting of a very unique outdoor activity centre that will inspire, teach, cultivate and develop beavers, brownies, cups, scouts, guides alike.

essex council approved educational provider Approved Provider for Educational Visits for Essex Council.

We are more than just an activity centre or just a mud bath. At WildForestGym we have some exciting activities including:

Animal Movement Workshop

Using our unique hand-crafted outdoor fitness gym and the natural elements of the forest creates a stimulating learning and physical development environment that is going to expose boys and girls alike to the natural skills of movement and manipulation including learning to: naturally run, crawl, lift, carry, balance, jump, throw, catch, traverse and climb.

Obstacle Mania

2hrs of wild fun and games on the UK’s Award Winning Obstacle Training Centre WildForestGym. Team and individual challenges on the mega race day obstacles set on a fast and twisted forest course featuring: Gladiator Hang Tough Challenge, Wonka Monkey Bars, Tarzan rope climbing & swinging, Triple wall climbs, Hercules Hoist lift, Blast wall climbs, Weaver and lots more…

Mud & Water Jump Adventure

Get ready to get muddy and wet! Time to pump those legs and get your jumping shoes on for the most fun and technical jump course with mud, water, high and long jumps. What a blast on this most explosive technical course with 32 mega jumps in this forest course. Followed by a team jump jam to see if you can beat the time of the double world champion. Will you have the balls to do the Devil’s Dyke, 8 mega mud ridges, water ridge jumps, Fosbury high bar, and the ultimate spring water jump and lots more…

WildForestGym is nestled in a 20 acre forest which forms part of 2000 acres of private farmland in Kelvedon Hatch. WildForestGym unique outdoor fitness gym and obstacles activity centre can provide a great learning environment for the beavers, cubs and scouts.

Our philosophy in training and working with beavers, brownies, cubs, guides and scouts is to inspire and teach them staple tools and techniques that will give them an opportunity to grow, develop, gain confidence and in some cases an opportunity to find themselves.

Simply if we can teach a child or teenager to:

  • Climb a ladder, rope or wall, then they can learn to climb other ladders in their life.
  • Jump over ridges, bars and water, then they will be able to jump over challenges in their life.
  • Balance on beams, bars and slacklines will bring balance in their mind and emotions.
  • Crawl under, though, over and down, then they will be able to crawl and adapt to those things around them.
  • Run for enjoyment, rather than to escape or fend off.
  • Be part of a team, to delegate, to lead, to guide, to mentor and to follow.
  • Enjoy the outdoor environment, nature and it’s beauty.
  • Appreciate that exercise and fitness, can be fun and enjoyable.

We believe that bringing the beavers, cubs and scouts along with Brownies, Guides and leaders into the forest will bring them in touch with their more sensitive side through contact with nature, tranquillity, peace and inspiration whilst stimulating other children to gain strength and confidence.

Head Coach, Coach Michael is a MovNat Coach who’s training is targeted at using natural movement techniques that are inspired by animal movements and manipulation skills whilst experiences the beautiful elements of the wilds of the forest around them.

Obstacle Activity Centre Features:

  • An Obstacle Training Course which is a challenging 2.3k training/race course with 36 race size obstacles…more details.
  • Jump Skills Training School with a 350m Jump Course and 32 technical jumps…more details.
  • Obstacle Jams – Timed races of either or both the Obstacle Course and Jump Course. Options include: individual, gender, team, fun or themed races/jams.
  • Coach Michael’s Quarry – An intense ridged quarry in a forest that with a technical terrain that will test running, scrambling, ascent and decent skills.
  • Running School – That teaches beginners and advanced trail and cross country skills using the 2000 acres of extensive forest trails, quarry and cross country routes.

Facilities include:

  • Hub lounge / workshop room
  • Indoor and outdoor seating.
  • Event tents for larger events.
  • Basic refreshments – Healthy energy/protein bars, cold drinks & teas & coffee.
  • Event Catering.
  • BBQ & Cold Food Options.
  • Separate boys & girls changing rooms with changing area, toilets and hot showers.
  • Secure key and valuable deposit.
  • Camping – unlimited numbers.
  • Personal Liability & Indemnity Insurance up to £10million.
  • On site first aiders.
  • Private FREE parking for 120 visitors.

Coach MichaelHead Facilitator – Coach Michael

  • Natural Movement Coach of the renowned MovNat Organisation.
  • Coach & Manager to TEAM WildForestGym Elite OCR Racing Team.
  • Head Coach to OCR Team UK (National Obstacle Team).


Scout POR Policy for Confidence Course & Obstacle Course Activities

WildForestGym (WFG) meets Policy, Organisation and Rules (POR)  for Scout-Led & Externally-Led Confidence Course & Obstacle Course Activities.

  • Rule 9.2 Preparations – We can agree to  the correct ratio of adults to beaver/cub/scout with a minimum of 2 adults consisting of WFG Crew/Scout Leaders. Adult to child ratios: Cub Beaver Colony 1-6; Cup Scout Pack 1-8; and  Scout Troop 1-12
  • Rule 9.3 InTouch arrangements will be agreed apon at event pre-meeting)
  • Rule 9.4 Risk Assessment – We have a risk assessment in place which has been approved by Essex Council & Essex Council Educational Visits inpectorates.
  • Rule 9.5 Emergency Procedures as per Chapter 7. Emergency procedures will be implemented in line with WFG own Emergency Procedures.
  • Rule 9.7 Adventurous Activities Permit Scheme – WildForestGym activiites are excempt
  • Rule 9.9 Use of External Centres and Instructors. Accreditation – WFG is accredited by Essex Council & Essex Council Educational Visits inpectorates. Insurance – WFG has Public Liability Insurance to the value of £10 million.
  • All WFG Crew who will be in contact with children are DBS/CRB checked.